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Meet this top performing father-son duo working at Yelp

A career in sales can be a challenging, yet rewarding one. To be successful in sales, it’s important to recognize that there will be hurdles to overcome, and you will need to be ready to overcome them.

That’s why the Yelp Sales organization has developed a rigorous training program (called the Yelp Sales Development Program) designed to give new employees the necessary skills, training, and confidence they will need to succeed at their jobs.

But, beyond initial training, becoming a top performer in any sales organization takes a consistent level of tenacity and motivation. While that’s easier said than done, we’ve asked Jake and Tim Montemayor to share their advice on what it takes to be successful in sales.

Jake (left) and Tim (right) Montemayor, Top performers in Yelp Sales

Meet Jake and Tim Montemayor, the father-son duo who are outperforming quotas and making it happen at Yelp.

The start of their journey at Yelp

It all started when Jake (son, pictured left) had just two weeks to find a job. His previous professional experience was in marketing and customer service. “I came to Yelp literally because I had two weeks to find a job and I wanted to work in sales! I used Yelp but didn’t know a lot about the platform, so I just swung for the fences with it,” says Jake. 

Tim (right) and Jacob (left) hold a Phoenix Magazine 2019 Best of The Valley

His father Tim’s background is a bit more unique, as he came to Yelp from the world of media and broadcast. “I came to Yelp from the talk radio and television industry where I spent 25 years as an on-air talent. I came to Yelp because my son Jake got hired initially as an Account Executive and said it would be a great fit for me,” says Tim. 

In less than a year, both Jake and Tim graduated from the Sales Development Program, nearly one year ahead of schedule.

Today, Jake is an Elite Account Executive at Yelp and Tim is an Elite Account Director. Their day-to-day consists of connecting with local business owners to discuss their business needs and identify a Yelp service to help them reach their goals. 

What is it like to work together?
Tim and Jake Montemayor

One of the best parts about working in sales at Yelp is having the support from your teammates and leadership to help you reach your goals. For Jake and Tim, they find that working together in similar roles allows them to connect in a unique way. “The unique part about working in the same role as my dad is that losing to him at something is more fun because we are both still crushing it! We are able to bounce things off of each other, and we can lean on each other when we are going through a slump or when we are experiencing adversity. I think working with family has its pros and cons, but the pros FAR outweigh the cons,” says Jake.

Tim has a similar perspective about working with his son. “We are able to work together on our game, we can role play, we can take critique from one another, and we support each other no matter what. There will never be a bigger fan of Jake than me,” he says.

How do you “make it happen” day after day?
Jake and Tim Montemayor

Both Tim and Jake believe that establishing a consistent daily routine is one of the keys to success.

When asked about his daily routine, Jake says “I am a firm believer that your routine will determine your success. So typically, I am awake between 5 and 5:30 AM and I lay in bed and think positive thoughts. I know it sounds silly, but just by simply telling myself ‘I am going to close 2 times today’ repeatedly helps to build confidence and get me going. By 7 AM, I am up and ready for the day. By 8 AM, I’ve eaten a strong breakfast, and then by 8:30 AM, I’m ready to go.”

For Tim, treating his work-from-home routine much like an in-office routine seems to do the trick. “I treat the home office like the actual office. When the day starts, I prepare for my first calls. I run through a set of positive affirmations and gratitudes, but most importantly, I get a lot of rest the night before work. I go to bed and wake up at the same time 6 days a week,” says Tim.

Do you have advice for folks that are new to working remotely from home?

While Tim and Jake have had time to adjust to a work-from-home lifestyle and to create routines that serve them, we understand that some people may not have as much experience as them. That’s why we asked for their advice to newcomers at Yelp who are starting their jobs remotely.

Tim says that your mentality has a big part to play in how quickly you can adjust to working from home. “The mental side of being a Yelp representative is one of the most important skills to learn. It’s important to take control of your thoughts and turn off any negative self talk that creeps in, to embrace the idea that being a Yelp representative means that you are going to talk to business owners at various stages of their day, their life, and their business, and that listening and empathizing with those business owners is critical. So, develop skills and habits that allow you to understand and move on to the next dial.” Truer words have never been said!

Jake says that staying focused on the goal and being unafraid to ask for help is also important. “Give 100% every single day and you will be rewarded handsomely. Do not be shy about reaching out to your teammates and support tree. You are not alone, and the adversity you are experiencing early in your career is very much the same as what we all went through. Trust me, there is light at the end of the tunnel,” he says.

So, what does it take to be a top performer in Yelp Local Sales?

This is the question we all want to know the answer to. Jacob says that to be a top performer in Yelp Local Ad Sales you have to be incredibly driven. “The day you sign your offer of acceptance you agree to hit metrics, but those are the minimums. Top performers at Yelp understand that on Monday, you may talk to 10 decision makers (a person who can make final purchasing decisions) and close 3 deals on 50 Dials. But on Tuesday, you’ll make 105 dials and on the 105th dial you will close your first deal for the day. The second thing is that you MUST have a short memory. You cannot get down about a bad day, you have to let it go and understand that having a slow day is part of the game. Third, you have to understand that someone else’s success is not your failure. You should be happy for your teammates when they hit their BME (Best Month Ever) and not be upset that they beat you. That said, I’m always trying to be the top rep at Yelp ;)”

Tim has simpler, yet crucial advice on becoming a top performer. “It takes mental toughness, a strong process, consistency, and an unwavering belief that I will close a deal every time I speak to a business owner,” says Tim.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Jake said that he liked how his success is measured by his level of effort. “The most rewarding thing about Yelp is that there is no limit on your level of success and you can dial up or down depending on how successful you want to be at any given time.”

For Tim, it’s all about the people he gets to help. “Helping people. Yelp users, business owners, and fellow Yelpers,” says Tim.

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