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Meet Sam M., Sales Manager at Yelp

We’d like to introduce you to Sam M., Senior Local Sales Manager at Yelp. Sam has been at Yelp for over five years. In his own words, Sam helps to steer the boat of an amazing group of local sales Account Executives.

Sam says, “Every day I’m blessed to work with wonderful people who are on the front lines, so to speak, reaching out to local businesses all over the country to help them grow their business through Yelp’s advertising solutions.”

Q: Tell us about your journey at Yelp
A: I started at Yelp as a trainee in November 2015 in Phoenix. My training team quickly became some of my closest friends, and after we performed well, we got to roll out to a director floor together as a group! I stayed under the same manager and director as an Account Executive (AE) for the next 2 years, moving up the Yelp Sales Development Program (YSDP) until I hit Elite AE on my last day as a rep! I was accepted into management and started on the training floor with Yelp’s newest AEs. After a couple of rounds in training, I rolled out with my team to the same director floor I had been on as an AE (full circle!) In the last 3 years, I’ve worked with dozens of different reps moving from Junior to Local and now Senior manager.

Q: When did you know you made the right decision to work at Yelp?
A: I knew my decision to work here was right the day I met my team and my manager in training. The company had a vision, our team had a vision, and I felt connected to it all. Everything seemed to click and I continue to foster those relationships today with the people I met over 5 years ago!

Q: What happened during your best day at work?
A: My best day at work was probably the day my director pulled me aside as an Account Executive to congratulate me on being offered a position in management. It was something I wanted very early on in my career and it was a huge accomplishment for me personally.

Q: Tell us about a community at Yelp you are proud to be a part of
A: I’m proud to be a part of the Latinx community at Yelp. I’m Mexican-American, and seeing the things that Yelp does to promote awareness like Latinx Heritage Month is really important to me because it showcases our contributions and gives us a seat at the table. Especially having been in the Phoenix office, the Latinx community has a huge influence on the culture in this city and to be a part of the leadership team as a member of that community shows how much progress we’re making in the business world.

Q: What is something that can only happen at Yelp?
A: Something that can only happen at Yelp…a genuine open-door policy where the company proactively seeks out ways to enhance employee well-being…from compensation to physical and mental wellness, to product and policy updates; it’s incredible.

Want to work with Sam?

Sam is just one of the many success stories at Yelp, and you can start your own journey by applying today. Check out some of our job openings to find your path.

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