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Meet Rishav, Partner Success Specialist, Multi-Location Sales

Meet Rishav S, a Partner Success Specialist on our Multi-Location Sales team. Rishav and his team are responsible for meeting with clients and agencies, as well as processing requests related to updating listings, setting up programs, or troubleshooting in Yelp administration. Rishav is celebrating his fifth Yelpiversary!

Tell us about your journey at Yelp

I graduated from Arizona State University in May 2017 and had a tough time finding a full-time job. One of my friends had been working for Yelp for two years, and he had started in the Local Sales organization. He constantly told me how great the leaders, culture, and career growth were at Yelp. It’s not so much that I was looking for a job that was specific to sales, but rather, I wanted a career at a great company.

I started at Yelp in June 2017. After spending just over a year in Local Sales, I joined the Local Customer Success team in July 2018. I was selected for several different pilot projects during my tenure in Local CS, and I have learned so much about local businesses while in sales and customer success.

In April 2022 I joined the Partner Customer Success team where I now support Partner Account Executives, Partner Sales Consultants, and channel marketing agencies.

What is your favorite part of your job?

I joined the Multi-Location/Partner Sales CS team in April 2022. I thoroughly enjoy the autonomy of my new role at Yelp. I am actively encouraged by my teammates and manager to build my own schedule and use critical thinking to find creative solutions for my sellers and agencies. Aside from getting to build my schedule, I am also very appreciative of the whole Partner Customer Success team. Most of the team worked in the Scottsdale, AZ office before transitioning to remote work, and our bond and team culture has only strengthened in a remote environment. I look forward to logging on each morning and greeting my team. The whole Partner CS group is full of Yelp knowledge and always eager to help if someone is having a rough day. I might be biased but I think it’s the best team at Yelp!

What is your advice to someone interested in sales?

I think it’s important to be consistent, have a great attitude, and be coachable. Those three pieces of advice have helped me a ton over my career at Yelp.

How did your previous role as an Account Executive prepare you for your current role in CS?

Getting to sell Yelp ads as an Account Executive taught me the importance of actively listening and knowing what type of industry you are speaking to. It’s important to listen to your client so you can tailor your recommendations and pitches to them. Otherwise, the client might not understand the advantage that a Yelp ads campaign can serve for their business. This same principle applies at the M-Location/Partner level. My sellers and I strategize, ask questions, and learn about the agency and local business’ goals so we can help set up a successful program. I am very grateful for the opportunities Yelp has given me. I joined the company knowing transferring between departments was possible, and I knew very early on that I wanted to be in Customer Success. Starting as an AE at Yelp helped me build a great foundation for my career.

Why did you want to work at Yelp?

I wanted to work at Yelp because of the opportunity to grow my career at a company with an incredibly diverse culture. I knew that it was possible to get promoted and explore opportunities all over the company.

What do you enjoy most about working from home?

I enjoy working from home because it allows me to have a more efficient day. I can focus on my role while also accomplishing the occasional at-home chore.

How do you stay motivated to hit your goals?

I love shout outs in team or department all-hands meetings. When I worked in sales, it was a lot of fun to have a big month in revenue retention and then see your name shown on a slide for the whole department. I also really appreciate getting an encouraging note from a peer or manager.

Tell us something you learned from the Yelp Sales Development Program that made you a better salesperson

Trust the process. My sales training director taught me the importance of building a routine and sticking with it. I find it very beneficial to compartmentalize and break my day down into four quarters so I can turn around cases and requests in a timely manner.

How does your manager or Yelp’s leadership let you know that your work is valued?

My managers have always done a great job of recognizing my hard work. This can be done in emails, all-hands slides, and team shoutouts on ping! I find it very encouraging when a leader puts in the effort to send a polite note to me.

How does Yelp support your work-life balance?

Yelp does a fantastic job of being flexible. Every manager I have had has always encouraged me to use my time off and has also understood when random emergencies happen. I am incredibly grateful for the work-life balance that Yelp allows me to have.

Why are you proud to work on the Partner Customer Success team?

We are a small but mighty crew of 10 Partner Success Specialists who support a ton of sellers with an impressive monthly collective team book! The team is composed of several tenured CS reps who have worked in many different parts of the business. I am so glad to be a part of this team!

Want to work with Rishav?

Throughout Rishav’s career at Yelp, he has had the opportunity to discover what aspects of his roles he is most passionate about! Check out our open opportunities to begin your Five Star Career journey.