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Meet Mia, Inbound Senior Elite Account Director, Local Sales

Meet Mia, an Inbound Senior Elite Account Director, on our Local Sales team! Mia has been on our team for the last seven years, and today she is sharing her journey working in Local Sales at Yelp.

 Why did you pursue a career in sales?

I have always been very outgoing and genuinely enjoy talking with people. I love making connections with people and finding out what their goals are. I think I was born to work in sales.

What is your advice to someone interested in sales?

Trust the process and slow down. Sales is a long game of highs and lows. Accept feedback and focus on personal growth. Also, listening back to my calls has helped me a ton.

Tell us something you learned from the Yelp Sales Development Program that made you a better salesperson

Transparency! Be open with your peers and managers about what you need on and off a call. Also, be transparent if you need a 1:1 or barging.

What do you enjoy most about working from home?

I absolutely LOVE working from home! I love the convenience and ease of working in my home. I have a standing desk, monitor, and coffee warmer… What more does someone need?

How do you stay motivated to hit your goals each month?

My manager is the best! She is constantly pushing me to set goals. She’s there for anything throughout the day and is always free for a video call. Some days can be tough, but it’s how you can get past it and reset that counts.

How does Yelp support your work-life balance?

Yelp is the best with supporting work-life balance. When I clock off, I’m off. I also love how supportive everyone is with me being a working mother. I appreciate it very much.

How do your leaders let you know that your work is valued?

My manager sends daily shoutouts and holds monthly meetings where we’re praised for our hard work in all aspects of our role. My director will send me ‘kudos’ pings every now and then and that means a ton.

Want to work with Mia?

Mia recently celebrated her 7th year at Yelp! You can start your own Five Star Career journey by exploring open opportunities to join our team! Check out some of our job openings to find a position that interests you.