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Meet Liberty, Senior Success Specialist, Restaurant Success

Meet Liberty, a Senior Restaurant Success Specialist on the Restaurants – Account Management team. Liberty and her team handle all of the post-sale onboarding for restaurant advertisers, which includes ensuring training, staff adoption, and social media pages are connected and aligned to set the clients up for success with Yelp’s restaurant software.

Tell us about your journey at Yelp

I’ve been at Yelp for the past five years! I started out in Yelp Eat 24 as an Account Executive before moving into an Account Executive role with the Local Sales team. From there, I joined Yelp Restaurants as an Associate Restaurant Success Manager, and I was recently promoted to Senior Restaurant Success Specialist.

What’s the most rewarding part of working at Yelp?

The most rewarding thing about my role is seeing firsthand how much of a positive impact we’re making on the lives of restaurant operators through our software. I love connecting with clients, learning about their goals, and hearing about their passions and stories. It’s important for us to understand the challenges, wants, and needs of our clients, so that we can cater our product to them and make sure they are set up for success. It has been especially rewarding to see the changes and updates our clients make.

What do you enjoy the most about working from home, and how do you stay productive?

I love the flexibility of working from home. I’m able to hop on calls or video conferences with my clients without worrying about being too loud or disturbing my desk mates. I’ve been able to make my own iced oat milk vanilla lattes and that’s been a great start to my mornings. There’s nothing like a cup of coffee to get you going!

What happened during your best day at work?

One of my best days at work was when I was recognized for a client success story, and I was able to share that with our organization at our Restaurant All Hands. I felt like it was the light at the end of the tunnel for me – to have the opportunity to work with a restaurant through such a difficult period during the pandemic. I was trying to understand their issues and the adversities they had gone through, own up to objections, and provide creative solutions  to help them pivot to a new operating model. It was like I had the ultimate jigsaw puzzle to solve. After all the objections and taking multiple no’s, but never one for an answer, it was awesome to see them ultimately thriving, and I was really proud that they never gave up.

What’s something that can only happen here?

Being able to work with such amazing people, whether it’s a client or a colleague, and fostering those relationships. I love that I’m able to connect with local businesses and have actually become friends with restaurant owners. And I also love that I’m able to work alongside a team of people who are passionate and dedicated to everything they do, and have met some of the most amazing coworkers who have become like family.

Want to work with Liberty?

Liberty started her journey at Yelp as an Account Executive, and she recently celebrated her five year Yelpiversary as a Senior Restaurant Success Specialist. You can begin your own journey and explore career opportunities that may be the perfect fit for you right here at Yelp. Check out our job openings to find an opportunity that interests you.