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Meet Juliana, Senior Elite Account Director, Local Sales

Meet Juliana, a Senior Elite Account Director, on the Local Sales team. Juliana works with local businesses to assist them in finding advertising solutions through Yelp that fit their needs and will help them accomplish their goals.

Tell us about your journey at Yelp

I started working at Yelp back in May of 2018 when I was a recent college graduate, and I have been here for four years now. I’ve maintained my role as an Account Executive in Local Sales and have received several promotions over these last few years. I am so proud to say that I am a Senior Elite Account Director, which is one of the highest titles in my role. I enjoy working in Local Sales because I work closely with small businesses and meet new people every day. I love being constantly challenged and having the opportunity to hit new goals frequently.

What’s the most rewarding part of working at Yelp?

Aside from the incredible friendships I have made and valuable skills I have learned, the most rewarding thing about working at Yelp is the ability to control your financial future with hard work. Being in a commission-based role is daunting, but once you learn that hard work and determination are the keys to success, you are set for life. I start every day knowing that what I put in will be what I get out. Having a daily routine and being consistent in my revenue production has put me in a position I never knew I could be in. I am so thankful that Yelp has given me the tools to control my financial future.

What do you enjoy most about working from home, and how do you stay productive?

I love working from home because I am able to create a quiet environment that allows me to really focus. Having a quiet workspace helps me to remove distractions and makes it easier to keep a clear headspace while working.

What happened during your best day at work?

My best day at work was back when we were working in the office, and I made Elite Account Executive. My team had all made signs with my photo on it and held it up at the gong while I celebrated the deal that got me there. It was really cool to have such amazing support when I achieved such a huge milestone in my career.

What’s something that can only happen here?

When you work in Local Sales at Yelp, your worst day can become your best day in the blink of an eye. The nature of what we do is so fleeting, but your next call can change everything. You can meet the most kind and engaging business owner that makes your day, or you could close a deal that brings you to your next goal. Moments like these are so special. Whether it is a simple interaction, or a moment of celebration, it is truly what makes working at Yelp so incredible.

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