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Meet Georgia, Associate Manager, Customer Success

Meet Georgia, an Associate Manager on the Customer Success team. Georgia and her team field calls, emails, and chats from business owners who have questions about their advertising campaigns and business page upgrades. The team shares educated recommendations so that business owners can make the most of their business listings and paid services.

Tell us about your journey at Yelp

I started at Yelp as a Local Customer Success Manager. After about six months, I moved onto another team where I supported our business owner clients and handled payment inquiry requests. After a year and a half in that position, I moved onto the Partner team in Multi-Location Customer Success for about a month before heading back to Local Customer Success as a manager in August of 2021.

What’s the most rewarding part of working at Yelp?

The most rewarding thing about working at Yelp is helping business owners see success every day! I know how well our product works, and I love helping business owners take full advantage of that. Since moving into management, it has been so rewarding to help other people see the value of Yelp and our products, and to help them learn how to communicate that with our clients. I love helping individuals grow and develop professionally.

What do you enjoy most about working from home, and how do you stay productive?

I did not expect myself to enjoy working from home at all! However, I really appreciate the work-life balance that it affords by cutting out my commute time and allowing me to use those extra hours to work out and spend time with my partner. Creating a dedicated workspace for myself has helped me to stay focused when I’m working and switch off completely when I’m not.

What happened during your best day at work?

It’s hard to pinpoint just one best day because I feel like I have had so many. The common themes among my best days are accomplishing something I had been working toward, feeling support from my colleagues, and having the space to exchange ideas with the people I work with.

What’s something that can only happen here?

I’ve been able to have conversations with business owners hundreds of miles from where I live and share my insight about Yelp with them while learning from them about their own industry. Together, we combine our expertise to facilitate returns for their company! As a manager, I’m further able to foster that relationship between my employees and business owners across the country.

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