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Meet Emily Campeas, Sales Enablement Specialist at Yelp

Meet Emily, a Sales Enablement Specialist on the Multi-Location Sales Enablement Team. In her role, Emily supports Yelp’s sales representatives from the moment they walk through the virtual doors as new employees at Yelp – from supporting their day-to-day responsibilities to removing roadblocks to help ensure they are selling to their peak potential.

Tell us about your journey at Yelp

I started my Yelp journey three days before the world went into lockdown. My onboarding changed from the beautiful kitchen and coffee bar on Madison Avenue to my kitchen in my small New York apartment. My journey has been anything but ordinary, and it has gifted me the chance to really dig my heels into Yelp, our products, and the team right from the start. My teammates, mentors, and leaders have shaped my time at Yelp, and I have learned so much about the advertising space (a new world to me when I started), and myself.

What’s the most rewarding part of working at Yelp?

For me, the most rewarding thing is that I have a chance to onboard each and every Multi-Location representative that starts at Yelp, internally and externally. It is so cool to have the opportunity to learn from so many different people. From people who have moved through the Local Sales ranks and have been at Yelp for 10 years, to those who have spent 30 years in the advertising business at other companies, every month is a different experience of knowledge and learning. It is so impactful to guide them through their first four weeks in their new role and watch them grow and have those “aha!” moments as we send them off to start making their impact on Yelp and the Multi-Location space.

What do you enjoy most about working from home, and how do you stay productive?

I love working from home! It has rewarded me with time saved on a commute so that before and after work I have time for myself and others. It has pushed me out of my comfort zone to be a self-starter each day and develop new routines to ensure I am hitting deadlines. With the flexibility and newfound time in my days, I am able to have a solid routine that is awesome for my mental and physical health, while being rewarding in the workplace. 

What happened during your best day at work?

One of my best days at work had to be the busiest. I had four back-to-back trainings, and I was on camera for probably five hours, but it was so exhilarating. I had great conversations with so many people on the team that day and made sure every person walked away with at least one new thing they learned that day.

What’s something that can only happen here?

Something that can only happen at Yelp is having a CEO and senior leaders that actually care about their employees and truly put it into action. Between frequent communication from Jeremy Stoppelman, constant reminders to use my PTO as a recognition and reminder of my hard work, and respect and trust in employees to be a remote-first organization, you don’t see a lot of big companies truly acting on what they say they are going to do!

Want to work with Emily?

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