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A Very Gay, Educational Evening At Yelp

On Tuesday, July 12th, OutBurst and the Local Business Outreach team hosted an educational event for the LGBT business owner community. We partnered with the Golden Gate Business Organization (GGBA), a non-profit business organization founded by LGBT entrepreneurs, and the evening went off without a hitch.

We invited business owners to Yelp HQ from all over the Bay Area to learn more about their Yelp business pages and presence on Yelp. We ate, drank, and shared a wonderful evening together, learning all about what Yelp has to offer local business owners. We gave a presentation on how to use Yelp for Business Owners and brought along some members of our Local Sales Team to answer any questions that the attendees had.

Like we already mentioned, we ate and drank extremely well during this event. We served a German-style dinner, with deliciously wholesome bread from Pain, and piping hot bone broth from Broth Baby. We sourced the pickles and sauerkraut at Rainbow Grocery, and Europa Plus delivered the European-style cold cuts, cheese, and vegetable spreads. We also invited the folks from Lagunitas Brewing Co and Hill Family Estate to pour a variety of beers and wines to keep us learning and chatting into the evening.

[inline_half_col img=”” caption=”Pain”]

[inline_half_col img=”” caption=”Broth Baby”]

[inline_half_col img=”” caption=”Lagunitas Brewing Co”]

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