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Fireside Chat with Yelp Board Member, George Hu

To better connect our employees with leadership in 2021, we began hosting quarterly conversations with members from Yelp’s board (in February we talked to Tony Wells). For this quarter’s installment, we invited George Hu. George joined Yelp’s Board of Directors in February of 2019, and in addition to this crucial role for Yelp, he currently serves as Chief Operating Officer at Twilio, the leading cloud communications platform, and Yelp’s new phone system. 

During this chat, Yelp’s Chief Operating Officer, Jed Nachman, talked with George about his early career and how he came to serve on Yelp’s board. They also talked about how the Coronavirus pandemic has affected both his personal and professional life, and we got a glimpse of what George thinks the future of work might look like. Additionally, with May being Asian-Pacific-Islander Heritage Month, Jed asked George to talk about what it means for him to be part of this community and how the violence towards his community affects him.

Jed closed the chat by asking George about a book recommendation, and here’s what he recommended: The Night Tiger by Yangsze Choo. We encourage you to pick up a copy!