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Day in the Life of Daniel I., Phoenix Local Account Manager

Dan I. embodies Yelp’s core values, and his inherent abilities to play well with others and be tenacious inspire everyone around him. To give you a little more context, Dan completed eight combat tours overseas in the United States Marine Corps during his 19 years of service. The skills instilled in him from those experiences translate seamlessly into his job as an account manager. Since joining the team in August 2014, Dan’s found success and growth in all of his pursuits at Yelp. When he’s not working hard at the office, you can find him serving in a limited capacity as a Gunnery Sergeant for the U.S.M.C. and spending quality time with his sons, Ryan and Derek. His hustle, energy, and skill at motivating his team are incredible to see in action. He always puts in the hard work to create a better tomorrow for everyone around him.

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  1.  What drew you to a job at Yelp initially?

What drew me to Yelp was the atmosphere/vibe and the people — it was like a scene from a movie where everyone loves their job and has genuine fun. Seeing the energy and the mood was so infectious. It’s rare that two days are ever the same; you get clients that tell you no all day and the next day they all say yes! My favorite thing about the company is that everyone is encouraging and supportive. Everyone is each other’s motivator and personal coach.

My team dressing up for Fancy Friday
My team dressing up for Fancy Friday
  1. What is a typical day in the office like for you?

My day usually kicks off around 7am, give or take, and starts off with a quick game of foosball. Then I get down on some of the Yelp food to help energize my body and mind. I get back to my desk and get the day started by handling cases from the client’s emails. I then dive into my blocks, whether that’s calling my reversal targets, onboarding new clients, or just reaching out to existing clients and tackling any additional tasks assigned by my manager. One of the struggles is actually getting the business owner on the phone.

Working Restaurant/Food/Nightlife, our client’s time is precious, so to catch them on the phone is like a dog trying to catch its own tail. The most rewarding part of my day is working with 10 of my favorite heroes in the department. Day to day excitement is derived from the wins and accomplishments from those around you.

  1. How does this job fit your skill set and what are you most excited about as you continue to grow in your role and at Yelp?

Coming from a Military background, I’ve learned to adapt and mold into any environment or situation. Also, having been in the Marine Corps for 19 years has allowed me to use my travels and experiences as an advantage when speaking to a diverse clientele. I’m excited about my growth at Yelp because there is always something new to learn and positive change to help make the company more competitive.

What makes you a great candidate is your ability to think outside of the box — expect to evolve with change. Be ready for any challenge by communicating and asking questions to understand the “why.”Most importantly, just be yourself and be eager to be the best version of yourself and look at the big picture.

  1. Where do you find a sense of community within Yelp?

Another exciting aspect of my job is all the various Yelp groups the company has to offer.  I belong to VetConnect. This is a Veteran’s group that allows fellow Veterans within the company to come together to bond and talk about military related and/or current events. We gather once a month with a lunch or off-site and just hang out and build on the camaraderie/brotherhood we once had in the service. It’s also a great channel to network for those who have recently transitioned into the civilian sector or are currently serving and looking for guidance and/or advice.

The group has worked diligently to give Drilling Reservist time apart from PTO to complete monthly/yearly military obligation. As long as I keep my manager in the loop of my drill schedules, I simply submit my request and fulfill my duty. Yelp’s continued support of my military commitments as a Reservist has made my transition into the civilian workforce relatively seamless.

Holiday toy drive with Toys for Tots
Holiday toy drive with Toys for Tots
  1. What’s your favorite thing about living in Phoenix? What are you up to when you’re not at work?

My favorite thing about living in Phoenix is being able to travel in any direction and find a great trail to hike or run. The weather is always permitting to allow my two boys, Ryan and Derek, and myself to go out and cause mischief. Phoenix is such a diverse city; there is always some sort of festival or event going on during any given day of the week.

Daniel I Intro Photo Yelp Military Day in the life
With my two sons at my promotion to Gunnery Sergeant in the USMC


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