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Day in the Life of a Yelp London Account Executive

‘Ello!  Allow us to introduce you to one of our UK Account Executives, Debs R.  Fresh on the scene, Debs has made quite an impression on her clients and teammates.  She gives you an inside look at what her typical day looks like across the pond, from calling local businesses to piggybacks to the gong!


What did you do before coming to Yelp?

Before I started at Yelp, I worked for Topshop as a Personal Shopper, meaning I spent a lot of time picking out clothes for fussy women. It was a target-based sales role, but totally different to what I do now.

How did you first hear about Yelp and the job opening?

It got to the point that I was so fed up at my old job, I needed to vent on Facebook! Luckily a friend saw my post and told me about Yelp. Once she'd explained a little more about the role it sounded like something that would really suit me.

What's your title at Yelp and how long have you been with the company?

I am an Account Executive and have been here for 4 months.

What comprises a typical day for you?

I try to get into the office for 8:30 (8:45 if the great British tube isn't running on time!). One of the many perks of the job is a wide selection of free food and drink from the Yelp kitchen, so I'll make a cup of tea and something to eat and get to work.

I'll check my emails, search for relevant news articles on Yelp and tab out 10-15 businesses from my pipeline to call. A typical day involves making a lot of calls to local businesses. Sometimes it's tough, especially if people hang up on you! But then you'll get through to that one person who is eager to listen and from there I'll set a pitch with them and go through the program. Cold calling is challenging, but hearing a business owner’s Yelp success story or closing the deal at the end of it just makes it all so worth it!

What's the best part of working for Yelp?

The best thing about working for Yelp is the company itself; It's such a positive environment and you're really encouraged to grow and develop. You're working with a lot of passionate people so it makes it easy for us to have fun while we work.

What is your favorite perk at Yelp?

Ah the perks! Where to start?! The Yelp kitchen is great, always fully stocked with treats, so if you get a 4 o'clock slump and need to get some sugar it's all there waiting for you. It certainly doesn't hurt that we have a ping pong table as well!

What has been your favorite memory at Yelp?

I think without a doubt it was closing my first deal. It was the beginning of my second month and I was really ready for one! The whole team was behind me and it felt so nice knowing I had their support… in a literal sense as well: I was given a piggy back to the gong! It was such a buzz and really pushed me to work harder month to month.

What separates Yelp from other places you've worked?

I think aside from the positivity and support, it's the fact that you really feel you're a part of the company. We have Monday and Wednesday morning meetings where we find out about all the new developments within the company.  It's exciting to know that you're working for a business that's constantly growing.

Finally, what would be your one piece of advice for someone interested in your role?

Be prepared to work hard would be the first thing I would say. The job is a lot of fun, but it also requires you to push yourself! You will have a lot of support from the management team but it's important that you're self motivated as well. It's a really exciting company to work for, so come prepared and eager to learn.