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Celebrating Moms at Yelp

With Mother’s Day coming up, we wanted to give a big shout out to some of the amazing moms at Yelp that make us better every day. We sat down with a few moms in different departments across the company to hear why they love being at Yelp as a working parent.

These women are all members of Yelp Moms, an employee resource group meant for moms and moms-to-be to discuss making the adjustment going back to work, work-life balance, parenting resources, and more. We have several internal communities at Yelp, such as VetConnect (veterans group), Women at Yelp, and OUTburst (our LBGTQQIA group) – all meant to create a culture of belonging for our employees and elevate diverse voices.

Want to meet the hardworking moms that help make Yelp great? Read on.

What’s your favorite part about being a mom?

Nique Farrar – Marketing (San Francisco): It’s given me a new, profound appreciation for all other moms in the world, especially my own, which I just couldn’t fully understand until I became one myself.

Alicia Keswani – Sales (Chicago): The incredible honor and joy it is to watch and guide my daughter as she grows up, especially with current events, I’m excited to raise her to know she can make a positive difference in this world!

Lindsay Mason – Recruiting (San Francisco): I love experiencing life through my daughter’s eyes. Every new milestone, trip, or moment is special and unique to our family.

Kimberly Santos – Marketing (remote, D.C.): I love being able to see the world through the lens of a child again — every single discovery from finding your feet to your first rainfall is absolutely magical.

How does Yelp support you as a working parent?

Raya Pickett – Sales (Phoenix): I just got back from paid maternity leave and I can’t say enough about how Yelp has supported me while I was out and now that I’m back. They even put a photo of my new baby on my desk to welcome me back!

Noorie Malik – User Operations (San Francisco): Yelp is amazing at recognizing that parents need work life balance. I can not imagine working for any other company given the love Yelp shows towards parents.

Jenni Snyder – Engineering (San Francisco): By supporting me in co-founding and leading the Yelp Moms Employee Resource Group, and continuously improving resources like hospital-grade breast pumps in the Mother’s Rooms, providing new benefits like backup childcare, and always being responsive to feedback to make Yelp a better place to work!

Rehana Khan – UI/UX Design (San Francisco): Yelp works with my schedule, and recognizes that I’m a mother juggling a job and a family, and not just another employee.

What’s your favorite kid-friendly Yelp biz?

Ani Heung – Recruiting (San Francisco): Vive la Tarte has amazing food and hot drinks, and is a fun comfortable environment for kiddos. Anywhere stroller friendly is my best friend these days – and it’s a beautiful spot to escape the house while on maternity leave 🙂

Shannon Eis – Communications (San Francisco): Surf Camp Pacifica – They’re great with kids and really know how to work at each child’s level while using the power of the group to turn fear into confidence.

Jennifer Wang – Engineering (San Francisco): So many places! Can I give two? Secession Art not only has amazing clothing and art, but the owner also loves kids! Eden always runs around with my little guy while I’m browsing the racks. Newly opened Noe Valley butcher shop Barons Meats is also great for kids. There’s always paper up on the walls to draw on and the butchers will happily give kids an up close and personal lesson on the food they’ll be eating for dinner that night.

Gabi Messinger – Marketing (Phoenix): There are so many, but we spend a lot of time at the Arcadia Park, often followed by a visit to LGO for pizza (and sometimes cookies or ice cream too)!