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Celebrating Latinx Heritage Month: Unique Voices in a Diverse Community

With Latinx Heritage Month, not only do we continue to learn about Latinx history, but we get to celebrate the existence of one of the most diverse communities in the world. This year, we made sure our celebrations were met with action items to support and uplift Latinx voices. 

We worked with several internal teams to launch a “Latinx-owned Business” attribute on Yelp in partnership with Momento Latino, an organization dedicated to serving the needs and concerns of the Latinx community. As additional support for our business owner community, our Community Management team partnered with a local translation service to provide key business resources in Spanish. 

Internally, we spotlighted different Latinx voices in hopes of capturing the breadth of the community. We invited Mexican artist and journalist Cynthia Arvide, hosted Puerto Rican and Chicago-based business owner Jenise Rodriguez, promoted an employee discussion on Latinx identity in the workplace, chatted with Latinx-led nonprofits, and danced alongside a Bachata instructor

Although we include different perspectives in events throughout the year, there’s something to be said about a month-long celebration focused on honoring the uniqueness and contributions of Latinx people. Until representation is visible at all levels, in all industries, and around our nation, we will continue to centralize the stories that deserve to be told.