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Brain Food: Loaded Nachos + Conversation with Celebrity Chef Dalia David

Chef Dalia joined us to share her experience growing up in America as a female chef of color. We created the easiest California-Style nachos with common ingredients from our fridges and discussed a range of topics, including the importance of getting things wrong as we figure out how to become better allies. 

One of the biggest takeaways from this session is that we’re making one big dish at Yelp. Each of our backgrounds, or ingredients, mesh together to create this unique recipe, or culture. Here are a few other things we learned:

  • Washing mushrooms is optional, you just need to brush them off (the verdict is still out on this one).
  • Learning English can be a bit chaotic. Why does “colonel” have an R sound?
  • Own your own journey to self-acceptance. Fit in, or don’t. It’s your choice!