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Book Talk with the Authors of “The New Builders”

In May, our Chief Operating Officer Jed Nachman talked with Elizabeth MacBride and Seth Levine, authors of “The New Builders.” In their book they discuss entrepreneurship and small businesses from a new angle. At Yelp, we connect people with great local businesses, so we were very eager to learn more about this fascinating topic. Here are a couple snippets from the talk: 

  • Contrary to the myth of the white, male tech founder that dominates our mindshare, most new businesses are started by people who are Black, brown, female, and older. Many of them are immigrants and people who have been left out of the narrative (1% Pledge). 
  • The fastest-growing group of female entrepreneurs is women of color, who are responsible for 64% of new women-owned businesses being created. We believe women will soon make up more than half of the entrepreneurs in America (1% Pledge).

We offered copies of “The New Builders” to our employees, and you can order your own copy here!