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A Ride To Thrive: Giving Back To The Local Community

A few of Yelp’s committed and brave souls (and awesome friends!) took over the SoulCycle in SF’s Castro district on a Saturday afternoon. Their mission? To not only sweat out 10% of their body mass in sheer perspiration, but to also raise funds for a few great local non-profits. We collaborated with a couple of Yelp’s great employee resource groups for this event, OUTburst and DiverseBurst, and everyone came together for a high-energy workout to raise money for organizations that make a wonderful impact in the greater Bay Area community.

For inquiring minds, OUTburst was formed to serve the needs of the LGBTQIAA community at Yelp and sponsors several events throughout the year to encourage and promote a thriving and inclusive atmosphere within the company. Diverse Burst has a similar mission, but also works to understand and celebrate the multicultural and multiethnic differences of our employees.

[full_image img=”” caption=”Yelp Pride T-shirts in all colors of the rainbow” caption_type=”side”]

Everyone had a great time at the SoulCycle event, and each employee who purchased a seat to ride had 100% of the funds cycled back into two great local organizations, Larkin Street Youth Services and the Womyn’s Creative Collective. Both of these institutions take a unique approach to addressing the community members they serve: the Larkin Street Youth Services meeting the needs of homeless youth and the Womyn’s Creative Collective focusing on empowerment and activism for women of color through artistic expression.

We couldn’t be more impressed by those who came out to cycle with us and handed out 2016 Yelp Pride shirts to express our gratitude. (Look for our 2016 Pride recap in June!) We’re extremely happy that we were able to partner with amazing local organizations who have a tremendous impact on the community. Till next time!

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