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A Double-Edged Sword: A Conversation on The Model Minority Myth

As part of our Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month celebration, we hosted an employee panel focused on the realities of the “model minority myth” and how some of our leaders have navigated these challenges. 

From childhood stories to workplace examples, the conversation highlighted the impact stereotypes and biases have had on each of the panelists’ lives. They shared the meaning behind ample media representation, and how these topics have been addressed across generations. Lastly, they explored ways for active allyship within different racial groups and the importance of standing together for change. 

Although many folks regard the model minority myth as a ‘positive’ stereotype, panelists and attendees alike recognized the harm and silencing Asian Americans face because of it. Regardless of your identity, conversations like these remind us that we’re all multi-faceted, and we all bring unique characteristics to the table. Allowing ourselves and others to let those shine, is half the battle.