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Your Best Night On Broadway

What if we told you there was a reason to hit Broadway when you didn’t have friends in from out of town? What if we told you that all those things you see/hear tourists do… were actually a lot of fun? What if we could prove that that you could pack a weekend of activities in to a two-hour extravaganza that you wouldn’t soon forget? Would you believe us? You should. Lucky members of the Yelp Nashville Elite Squad got to experience a night on Broadway that completely changed the way they looked at the Neon City… and they can’t wait to do it again. John Rich’s Redneck Riviera played host to a bevy of local businesses that have as much to offer locals as they do to tourists. From signature cocktails to local-but-sorta-fancy bbq to homegrown whiskey tasting to live music to a Downtown Nashville tour on the original party bus/barge to legit line dancing instruction to bushwhackers on a Broadway rooftop, guests got all the greatest hits in and each one was more exciting than the last. Elites left with a newfound appreciation of the amazing businesses in their backyard and an excitement to replicate their night with their in-town *and* out-of-town friends. True story! If you want to catch some FOMO, check out reviews here and pictures/video here. There’s a reason why Lower Broad is always packed with people/activity. Don’t overlook it when planning a night out in Music City. These lucky Elites won’t.

Event Sponsors: John Rich’s Redneck RivieraJim ‘ Nick’s BBQColt BarronHonky Tonk Party ExpressJenny Cain ProductionsSide PieceThe Nash CollectionBenjamin Gibbs Photography