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Yelp’s Canary Islands Culinary Adventure at Encasa

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You’ve never tried food like this before! Pachi and Maria from ENCASA took Yelp Elites on a culinary journey celebrating the unique and vibrant food of the Canary Islands, Spain’s farthest-flung territory, to celebrate Día de las Canarias Islands. This is a place where authentic ingredients, home-style cooking, and the joy of a meal with family and friends takes precedence. And the menu? Just incredible. From Date & Bacon Croquettes, to Fried Marinated Baby Goat, to the indescribable Scalded Ground Roasted Corn With Onion and Mint, every dish was an adventure, all the way through to desserts like Oven Baked Milk, Bienmisabe and Palm Honey, and Roasted Corn Mousse. And a shot of honey rum to finish! Thanks to Pachi, Maria, and the Encasa team for their wonderful hospitality. Check out the PHOTOS and REVIEWS for a taste of the action.