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1 Tequila, 2 Tequila, 3 Tequila, Floor. Yelp + The Liquorists Elite Trail!

Perhaps a drink lost in the ages, one more commonly seen and used now as a 3am bad decision rather than enjoyed for its true beauty, Tequila is definitely an under appreciated liquor gem.

Lucky for us then, that the folks at The Liquorists happen to know everything you need to know about that fine liquid. Even more lucky then, that they asked us to join them on one of their notorious trails of epic alcohol discovery. This one, around the quirky Northern Quarter, unearthing some fantastic Tequila-based concoctions and learning some valuable lessons along the way.


As Wednesday evenings go, this has to go down with the best of them and a great time was had by each lucky attendee as Tom & Tyler took fantastic care of our troops. They were treated to a luscious spread at Liquor & Burn, before being carefully led through drink after drink at some of our cities best watering holes. Along the way we stopped at Lost In Tokyo, Dusk til Pawn, Pen & Pencil and finally Tequila giant El Capo.


The Elite Trail with The Liquorists was a massive success and the select few Yelp Manchester Elites that got to witness the Tequila-infused delights thoroughly enjoyed themselves – despite knowingly accepting a bad head at work the next day!

Tom & Tyler really do know how to do things right and well and truly give you a sauce session with a difference. If you’re looking for a night out with a twist, planning a great birthday do for a friend or just fancy a good knees up whilst learning about your booze as you go, give them a shout!


You can find all their upcoming trails here at and be sure to check out the photos and read the reviews of our trail!