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Yelp San Francisco Presents: The 415 Deal

What’s good in the 415? Well, a lot actually! So much so that we’re bringing you some of our favorites along the East side of the city first. Whether you’re a proud SF native, you’ve moved here and can’t get enough, or you’re just in town for the summer, head down to these spots and get yourself a 415 deal! All you need is a Yelp account to check in and redeem the special offer.

What businesses are participating? Take the list on the go and follow our Yelp Collection: San Francisco Presents The 415 Deal for all the details on each participating business and their $4.15 deals.

Now more than ever, local businesses need the love and support from our Yelp community. Join us as we explore what San Francisco has to offer. For the last 2 weeks of July, participating businesses will be offering a “415 Deal” to anyone who checks in via the Yelp app. Using the check-in feature, you can redeem a special item on the menu for a discounted price of $4.15. From checking out the newest coffee shop in town, to grabbing a taiyaki ice cream cone, then eating 2 pupusas, and maybe a burrito for the road (because why not?), we’re ready to indulge in the deals and try everything on the list.

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