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Yelp Portland’s Top 40 Food Carts

Top 40 Food Carts in Portland

“What are the best food carts in Portland?”

If you’ve ever had a houseguest, you’re familiar with this question. With hundreds of options on any given day, we know that sometimes picking a favorite can be a bit of a challenge. What if we said you don’t have to be paralyzed by choice? Behold! Yelp is happy to announce our Top 40 Food Carts in Portland!

With a top-10 that includes Iranian kabobs, Mexican tortas, and Chinese chicken wings, it’s clear that Portland’s food carts represent the rich culinary traditions that make our city so famous! And at the very top of our list? That most special of spots is reserved for PDX Sliders, purveyors of baby burgers, small sandwiches, and regular-sized truffle fries! With 236 reviews and an incredible 5-star rating, Yelpers agree that it’s well worth the trip to Sellwood to enjoy their fantastic fare!

To create this list, Yelp data scientists ranked local, non-chain businesses categorized as ‘Food Trucks,’ ‘Food Stands,’ or ‘Street Vendors’ on Yelp in Portland based on the number of reviews and their star rating. Check out the full list below and find yourself a new favorite spot. And thanks to all of the hardworking food cart operators that help to keep the food scene creative and delicious!  

  1. PDX Sliders
  2. Caspian Kabob
  3. Rip City Grill
  4. Guero
  5. Chop Chop
  6. Mama Chow’s Kitchen
  7. Noy Viet Lao
  8. The Fried Onion
  9. Rolling Gourmet Fusion
  10. Chez Dodo
  11. Mississippi’s Delta BBQ
  12. Ole Latte Coffee
  13. Thai Yummy
  14. The Spicy Spoon
  15. The Angry Unicorn
  16. DC Vegetarian Cart
  17. Bundy’s Bagels
  18. The Portland Soup Company
  19. Ooh, Pasta!
  20. Thai Champa
  21. DesiPDX
  22. El Pilon
  23. Egyptian Bros
  24. Kim Jong Grillin’
  25. A Wing and A Prayer
  26. Homegrown Smoker Vegan BBQ
  27. Nong’s Khao Man Gai
  28. Altengartz
  29. Dosirak
  30. Matt’s Bbq
  31. Rosita’s Place
  32. Hurry Back Ice Cream
  33. Native Bowl
  34. Tiffin Asha
  35. Road Runner Barbeque
  36. PDX Donerland
  37. The Whole Bowl Cart
  38. Chicken and Guns
  39. Savor Soup House
  40. Year of the Fish