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Yelp KL Elite Event: Yelp Gets A Taste Of Izakaya With Tsubohachi

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On the night of September 23, Yelp KL hosted its first Elite Event at Tsubohachi. Yelp Elites got the exclusive opportunity to experience not just some great Izakaya Japanese delicacies, but also the "Izakaya culture" – where Japanese working executives gather for drinks and food as a form of relaxation after a long day at work.

Because it's summer all year long in Malaysia, we started the night with Asahi Sub-Zero to open our palates and get ready for the night. Please note that this was also the first and still the only place in town that serves Asahi Sub-Zero, which literally means that we got to enjoy the taste of Asahi Super Dry in sub-zero temperatures (-2 to 0 °C). 

Beer in hand, we cycled through a few different appetizers including some fresh and crispy Kawaebi KarrageOkonomi and more! These were helpful in making sure that the Ozeki that we indulged in after the appetizers didn't go straight to our head. Of course, for those who are more of a sours or Umeshu person, they also got to pick the drinks that they wanted to try as well.

And, no – we did not go home just yet – in fact we were just about to start. Then, we got to try some Wakatori Zangi and Kushimori, followed by a variety of Kamameshi - Japanese pot rice! For sure, we did not end the night without desserts – Matcha de roru, green tea crepe with rice cake and red beans rolled in it.

Drool over the photos of those Japanese delicacies here (courtesy of our photographers Cliff Ooi Photography and Jimmy See). Do check out the 5 star reviews that are rolling in, too!

Many thanks to Tommy Lee, Maverick Lee and the crew at Tsubohachi for making the first Yelp KL Elite Event so shiok!


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