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Yelp Get Psyched for Sake: Umezushi

There a very few places that are true hidden gems, in every sense of the word – but Manchester most definitely has one in the shape of Umezushi!

Hidden under the arches, tucked away on Mirabel Street, you may just find the best Sushi in Manchester. Now, what goes well with good Sushi? Great Sake of course – and for a select number of lucky Yelpers – we were treated to both!

2016-05-16 19.33.37
Yelp mints, Sake & water. We are ready to go.

As we descended on Umezushi with empty bellies and thirsty palates, Terry and the team were preparing a fantastic combination of flavours for our Yelpers to eat and drink the night away. The lucky guests were treated to a taster masterclass involving 5 rounds of fantastic fish and sensational Sake!

2016-05-16 19.13.40
Terry talks us through it!

The table was served some tasty Edamame beans and introduced to the evolution by Terry before it was time for the first pairing from the menu. Katafune Junmai Sake, matched with Pickled Vegetable Hosomaki was up first. Following this was Hideyoshi Akinota, Junami Ginjo Sake served with Swordfish Nigiri – both went down fantastically well.

2016-05-16 19.55.50

 2016-05-16 19.31.33

A brief gap to catch our breath and it was on to round 3, a Minato Tsushizaki, Yamahai Futsushu Sake this time alongside a Salmon Nigiri. The 4th course was a Manabito, Kimoto Junmai Ginjo with Kimchi Uramaki before the final pairing of the 10 year-aged Hideyoshi Koshu with Unagi Uramaki.

2016-05-16 20.12.16

 2016-05-16 20.27.21 2016-05-16 20.45.46

Another round of Sake followed, this time a plum flavoured tipple, before it was time to head out into the street – bellies full and tastebuds tantalized. An fantastic evening with an unbeatable host.

Thank you to Terry, Hanna & the rest of the team.

You can check out the photos on Facebook and the reviews on Yelp, and if you want to join the fun, just visit Yelp Events.