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Yelp Games IV: Rookies VS Vets

On January  31, for the fourth straight year, members of the Yelp Elite Squad in Broward and Palm Beach battled it out to see which team would reign supreme.

This year, teams were switched up and the Rookies (1-3 Yelp Elite badges) faced off against the Vets (4+ Yelp Elite badges). These Elites battled it out in a series of seven games across Xtreme Action Park that would challenge their skills and agility.

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Pregame festivities included ZICO Coconut Water, Cereal Bars from Whole Foods Market, shakers and pompoms in team colors. There was even face paint! From there it was off to the games!


Game 1: Bowling

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For the first game, two teams of three had to reach a combined score of 50 points/pins knocked down. It was a fast and furious race, as members of each team tested their skills.

Winners: Vets


Game 2: Basketball

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For this game, each team had to channel their inner Michael Jordan. The team with the highest overall score after one round was the winner.

Winners: Rookies


Game 3: Skeeball

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The third game was an arcade favorite for Rookies or Vets alike. The team to score as many points as possible on skeeball would be crowned the winner.

Winners: Rookies


Game 4: XD Darkride

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This round was not for the faint-of-heart. This virtual reality shooter game placed our Elites in the middle of London, England fighting off werewolves. The team with the highest overall score was deemed the winner.

Winners: Vets


Game 5: Trivia

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Time for the Rookies and Vets to put on their thinking caps! After making our way through Xtreme Action Park’s extensive vintage car museum, teams were quizzed on Harry Potter and Back To The Future trivia. The museum featured vehicles from both movies!

Winners: Rookies


Game 6: Bazooka Blast

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One of the most intense games took place on the Bazooka Blast course. Teams tagged each other’s high-impact sensor vests with foam balls in a black light arena.  The team with the highest accumulated score won.

Winners: Rookies


Before the last game, Elites made their way to Xtreme Action Park’s Party Room, for some eats and sips from Xtreme’s menu. Elites munched on Cheese and Pepperoni Pizza, Burger Sliders, Mini Hot Dogs and Chicken Tenders and washed it all down with some cold beers from Biscayne Brewing Company. While most of the Elites shared war stories and ate, select members were off to gear up for the final battle.


Game 7: Go Karts

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We reached our last and final game, Go Karts! Each team raced around the track for eight minutes, trying to lower their best time. The team with the lowest accumulated best lap time was crowned the winner.

Winner: Vets


The Winner? The Rookies! The entire team was awarded with a free-play game card for up to two hours. After that, it was all handshakes and high-fives and before the two teams became one community again!

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Congrats to EVERYONE! Hats off to all that competed/cheered their hearts out! At the end of the day, we are lucky to have so many amazing members in our community!

Till next year.

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The photos (courtesy of Mavila Photography) can be found here.


*This blog post was created with help from Sara M.