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Yelp Games III: Broward VS Palm Beach

For the third straight year Elites from Broward and Palm Beach suited up, put their game faces on and battled it out for county supremacy. Undefeated Palm Beach got home field advantage for the first time ever as we took over Macy’s in Boca Raton to compete in 9 different games across various departments in the store. At the end of the day Palm Beach took home another W – but, everyone was a winner as all of the participants celebrated at nearby Yard House with a victorious spread of food and drinks!


To get the crowed hype and excited we held a pregame pep rally! The pregame festivities included coconut water from Harmless Harvest, tunes from 939MIA, temporary Yelp tattoos, shakers in team colors and photo ops in front of the Macy’s / Yelp Games step-and-repeat. From there it was ON…TO…THE…GAMES!


Game 1: Football Flick

With the big game around the corner, Elites got into the football spirit with the first game. Competitors had to flick in four paper footballs into various sized slow-cookers – first team to get all four in won.

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Game 2: Making The Bed

Bringing back a favorite game from our first annual Yelp Games, the “Make The Bed” challenge saw teams carefully dress mattresses with a fitted sheet, pillow covers, decorative pillows and duvet covers.

From shower rods to bath mats, you’ll find everything you need for the tub—even shower caddies to hold favorite toiletries in bed and bath.



Game 3: Female Mannequin Challenge

Those mannequins you see around Macy’s don’t dress themselves! The two teams had to hunt down the items in a sample outfit – then dress the mannequins exactly the same. What started as a mad dash, ended as a hilarious struggle!

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Game 4: Quick Change Challenge

Ever been in a rush, and just needed to try something on to make sure it fit? It’s a drag, taking off those tight jeans, then slipping into the new ones, before admiring how amazing they fit for 10 minutes in the mirror. Well, our Elites had no time for admiring as they had preselected outfits put out for them – and they dashed into the dressing rooms to change! This fun – and fast paced – relay race ended when the first team had all three team members change into their new outfits

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Game 5: Tie Challenge 

Do you know how to tie a bow-tie? How about a regular tie? Our Elites sure do! In the Tuxedo Shop at Macy’s Elites had to do their ties – then tag in their teammates to do the same in a super fun relay race. First team to do two regular ties and one bow-tie won!

The Tuxedo Shop @ Macy’s is now open in select areas with more locations coming soon. Macy’s tux rental service will get you black-tie ready in a flash—perfect for weddings, proms and more! 



Game 6: Male Mannequin Challenge

Those mannequins you see around Macy’s don’t dres… oh, wait, we already made that joke! Similar to the Woman Mannequin Challenge, this game saw male mannequins getting dressed in the freshest styles. First team to make their mannequin look identical to the sample mannequin, won!

Guys, it’s time to update your wardrobe. Luckily for you, Macy’s has all the staples and on-trend pieces your closet needs.  



Game 7: Guess The Scent

Possibly the hardest challenge of the Yelp Games III saw teams of four test their nostrils in a scent challenge. Each competitor had a sample smell and had to guess what fragrance it was, from 12 options. The first team to correctly identify all four, first, won!

The ideal scent awaits at Macy’s. Browse through the vast collection of designer perfumes and colognes, as well as celebrity fragrances—because no beauty regimen is complete without the final spritz of your favorite aroma!



Game 8: Blindfolded Beauty 

Let’s be real here, it’s hard to put make up on! It’s even harder when blindfolded! For this challenge two members of each team were blindfolded and two were “spotters” giving the blindfolded challengers specific examples on how to apply make up to a demo sheet. From blush to lip stick the sheets were a colorful masterpiece by the end of the game. The winners were voted on by Macy’s employees.

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Game 9: Macy’s Concierge – Buy Online, Pick up In Store

The BOPs program at Macy’s is extremely convenient! However, the unsung heroes going out and picking your order out so you can pick it up put a lot of hard work behind the scenes. Our Elites saw just how much hard work goes into it when each team was given a full order to go our and find. The first team to correctly collect all of the items in the order were the winners!

At Macy’s, now you can place an order online and pick it up at your nearest Macy’s Store – at no additional cost! Our associates make it easy for you so you can pick up your new purchase quickly and stress-free! Learn more here.



After the games, handshakes and high-fives were exchanged and the two teams became one community again! The entire squad headed over to YardHouse, just a few minutes away, for a celebratory feast! From Onion Ring Towers to Moo Shu Egg Rolls, pizzas toGrilled Korean BBQ beef,  the spread was varied – and plentiful!

Moo Shu Egg Rolls


Margherita Pizza

The fine folks at YardHouse also quenched everyones thirst with a variety of cocktails and craft beers. Competitors from Broward toasted with challengers from Palm Beach – once again becoming one big, happy family. Cheers to the Yelp Games III!


Congrats to EVERYONE! You all competed/cheered your hearts out and at the end of the day we are lucky to have so many amazing members in our community! Till next year.

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