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Yelp Fit Club: Spin 360 Core Fitness in Glendora

Although it was a gloomy Saturday morning, Yelp San Gabriel Valley hosted its first official Yelp Fit Club in Glendora, CA! A small but eager group of fifteen Yelp Elite students arrived at Spin 360 Core Fitness ready to sweat their bums off with indoor cycling! Gloomy or not, nothing was going to get in the way of these Yelp elites sweating on a Saturday morning! Upon arrival, each guest was provided with a pair of cycling shoes to clip onto the studio’s bike along with a complimentary towel and water bottle.

The instructor, who also happened to be the owner, Tina, gave a thorough tutorial and made sure the class was easy enough for a first-timer and challenging enough for an advanced indoor cycling student. She sure brought the energy up as soon as class started. The playlist she chose worked perfectly for every interval, sprints, hills, and more! Throughout the class, she had additional staff walking by each student on a bike to make sure everyone was positioned correctly. The staff was quick to respond if anyone had any issues or questions during the class. Tina really made it a memorable event when she split the class up into two parts during one of the segments and made it into a friendly competition! The competition was about who can sprint and be the loudest during their turn.

Once the class was over, everyone gathered around for a group photo and then was provided with a schwag bag that included a Yelp sweatband, mints, pins, tattoos, a complimentary tea bag (courtesy of Teapigs), and a protein bar (courtesy of RXBar).

Wish you were there? Check out the 5-star review page along with the photos from the event here.

Thanks to the following for helping make this happen: