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Yelp And The Evolution: Let’s Go Crazy


Things got started at last year’s Muse-A-Palooza but we had no idea that The Evolution Of Yelp would take things up to 11. Yes, the biggest event in Yelp Nashville history went down with 50+ vendors, 500+ attendees and 1 epically awesome science center. Famed epicenter of past and future, the Adventure Science Center, served as the host of this celebration of what Nashville was and what Nashville is turning in to. From hot chicken and guests in cowboy hats to B-12 infusions and hipster glasses, this was the event for everyone and had some of every thing to offer. Did we mention the slides? How about the silent auction? Oh, what about the goodie bag buffet with jams, teas and baby bibs? It was a thrilling night in Nashville and we’re so happy that we were able to share it with everyone. In case you weren’t able to make it (for shame!) or you want to relive the good times (yaaaassss!!), click here and here for photos, here for reviews, and here for a list of all the incredible sponsors (be sure to go out and support them!). Nashville is changing but it’s not forgetting what made it the nation’s ‘it’ city. That’s what The Evolution Of Yelp was all about.