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Yelp Elite Week with Electric Gamebox

Yelp Elite gamers and adventure seekers experienced a fun packed Elite Week offer at the newest gaming dream, Electric Gamebox. Each confirmed Elite received a complimentary interactive digital room experience at Electric Gamebox where they chose from a selection of gaming activities such as “Alien Aptitude Test,” “Psychedelic Mansion,” and more. 

By Yelp Elite Ro L.

All Yelp Elite members were provided with a completely private gamebox to experience the challenges with their family (kids 8+) or friend bubble. Electric Gamebox allowed 2-6 players per gamebox. 

Check out what Elites had to say about their experience

By Yelp Elite Beryl D.

About Electric Gamebox:

Electric Gamebox is a family-friendly immersive adventure where groups of family or friends step into a completely private gamebox to enjoy a 60-minute immersive digital experience. The adventures are designed for small groups 2-6 players, where you will enter an interactive digital room featuring projection mapping, touch screens, motion tracking and surround sound to enjoy a hyper-immersive adventure. Whether you’re being graded by aliens, searching for rare martian minerals or saving the queen’s corgis, at Electric Gamebox, we bring people together through shared play with a mission to make IRL screen time social again.