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Yelp Elite Spotlight: Christy F. Takes on Tucson

The Elite Spotlight Series continues with a Tucsonian overflowing with enthusiasm for exploring her own backyard. Drum roll, please. Introducing the adventurous Christy F!

This Elite made the move from Detroit to Arizona without knowing a single soul, but that didn’t stop her from jumping right in. As a former Detroit Elite, Christy knew that Yelp could help her discover all types of local businesses in her new city and Yelp events would be a great way to meet people. Tucson Community Manager Bella J. says that Christy, “embraced the Southwest culture right away” and quickly became a role model in the Yelp Tucson community. Bella adds that Christy’s “passion for learning and sharing her experiences emanates both on and offline – from her entertaining and detailed reviews to the positive and engaging energy she brings to community events.”

But enough from us, let's hear from Christy F. herself on some of the best finds she has discovered in her new city!

PhpH2cIfzAMChristy F. (Tucson, AZ)

Q: Describe your most memorable Yelp moment.

A: I would have to say it was when I took the plunge at being a Yelp viewer to a Yelp reviewer. I had been reading reviews on Yelp for the longest time and one day I had that ah-ha moment. A lot of the content I was looking for was not there and I, little ol’ me, had something to contribute. So, I took a shot and wrote a review. Later that same day, I logged on and people thought I was funny, cool and useful- say what?! Call me hooked!! Every chance I could, I would log on to write more and check my FUCs (Funny, Useful, Cool votes). I made it my mission to set out and explore my city like Magellan and Yelp the entire journey out.

Q: What does it mean to you to be part of the Yelp Elite Squad?

A: Being Elite is HUGE for me. When I was in Detroit, I was single and I needed to get out and meet people. I loved putting a face to some of my favorite reviews. I was beyond flattered to learn that many people were fans of mine, too! When I moved from Detroit to Tucson, Yelp provided me an instant friend base and I basically had every meal out planned for years to come. I get a huge bolt of excitement when I get a fan, compliment, an FUC… I love being the first to try something and I love sharing my locavore info. Yelp has changed how I experience any city.

Q: What are the top 3 local spots you’re loving in your city right now?

A: 1) Picante Designs is a tiny, independently owned gift shop filled of wonderment that magically transports you to Mexico and Guatemala. It is filled with tchotchkes, clothing, handbags and jewelry. Bonus – most items are fair trade and I love me some guilt free shopping! Also, next door is the coolest independent toy store I have ever set eyes on, Yikes Toys.

L-1Photo of Yikes Toys via Patricia K. on Yelp

2) Boca Tacos y Tequila has ruined any other taco for me. Picture fresh tortillas with a perfectly roasted Anaheim pepper placed on top. Then pack that pepper full with schmeltzy, Mexican cheese and the marinated meat of your choice. It is a masterpiece. I am a huge fan of these Macho tacos – you could call me the Madam President of their fan club. BUT it does not stop there. Maria is a salsa whisperer. She whips up insane combinations of ingredients like a mad scientist. When you dine in you get a platter of four to eight salsas to try. I promise your tastebuds will be going off like car alarms on the Fourth of July!


Photo of Maria’s famous salsas via Jessica D. on Yelp

3) My third pick is the Shelter Cocktail Lounge. It’s another place that just transports you like an acid flashback to the 60's. It is something you just have to see yourself. Velvet paintings, Kennedy memorabilia, vintage movies playing, vintage pinball- I’m really not doing it justice. The three stunning infusions are the stars. You cannot leave the Shelter without trying one of their White Russians made from house infused vanilla bean and chocolate vodka. Fill me up a pool of that and let me dive in it. They also host food truck round-ups in their parking lot. Total win.

Q: Yelp is more than just a restaurant review site. What else have you discovered on Yelp?

A: I have discovered so many things on Yelp! Besides the great people and awesome events, I have discovered my favorite travel tool! I never leave home without Yelp. I love planning my attacks on cities with the help of Yelp.