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Yelp Elite Meet the Maker Series in Indy

Yelp Elite Kaela V. shared, “There is something special (*magical*) about bringing patrons and businesses together in a way that everyone wins, and Yelp Indy does just that!” From private coffee cupping classes to blindfolded soup tasting, we kept the Yelp Indy Elite Squad busy with six “Meet the Maker” events in January.

Stop #1: On a chilly Saturday morning, 20 elites arrived at Open Society for a private cupping class with Tinker Coffee. The group huddled around the bar to use their senses to learn about the roasting process and evaluate different aromas and tastes of various coffees. This allowed for a caffeinated morning of education and fun!

Stop #2: A few days later, a new group of elites rolled up their sleeves for a firsthand pastry class with the Gallery Pastry Shop’s Pastry Chef Ben Hardy. They were given the opportunity to watch Chef Ben demonstrate the macaron-making process, while also getting hands-on in the kitchen. To make sure the lemon curd macarons were alright, the Elite squad did a little taste-testing.

Stop #3: Jamaican Reggae Grill for Jamaican patties 101. Elites gathered in the kitchen to make their own flavor-packed patties. Not only was this event about cooking, but also learning more about Jamaican culture. The Elites enjoyed story time with the business owner, Eldon, who did not disappoint with tales of growing up on the island and explaining how authentic jerk is made.

Stop #4: Cold January nights call for soup! The next Elite squad met at Soupremacy for the ultimate taste bud testing: blindfolded soup tasting. With a lot of smiles and giggles, the Elite party sampled soups and had to guess the special ingredients. Even when the guesses were totally wrong, it made for a fun evening of warmth and laughter.

Stop #5: The next night, another group of Elites received a one-of-a-kind dining experience at Sakana of Tokyo with the chef/owner, Bathbold. While the chef shared his Mongolian heritage, the group got hands-on experience with the Mongolian Hot Pot. When the pot began simmering, the Elites placed ingredients into the hot pot and watched them cook right at the table. The night ended with the passing and sharing of plates.

Stop #6: Last stop for the month: learning the ins and outs of spirit making with  West Fork Whiskey at Rail Epicurean Market in Westfield. Between cocktails and tastings, the elites were treated to charcuterie and spirit-infused sugar cream pie topped with homemade caramel corn by Rail.

Check out what the Elites are saying about each event:

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Yelp Meet the Maker: Rail Epicurean Market and West Fork Whiskey