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Yelp Celebrates Pride Month with Decals for LGBTQ+ Businesses

Pride Month focuses on education about and celebration of progress since the Stonewall Riots, considered by many to be the catalyst of the gay rights movement. This includes honoring the leaders of the uprising, highlighting civil rights victories in the last 50 years, featuring personal stories, and supporting LGBTQ+ owned businesses across the country. This Pride Month, Yelp wants to empower LGBTQ+ businesses around the country with a LGBTQ+ Owned Business Decal.

Out of the millions of local businesses on Yelp, many are owned by hard-working members of the LGBTQ+ community. This June, to celebrate Pride Month, we’re providing businesses an opportunity to share that they’re LGBTQ+ owned and operated with a special window decal that can be proudly displayed on their storefronts. Between these and some of Yelp’s business attributes available such as “Gender Neutral Restrooms” and “Open to All,” we hope to continue the conversations of diversity and inclusion throughout the country.

So how can business owners get their hands on these window decals? Just fill out this form by Friday, June 21. The storefront stickers will be sent directly to the business in the mail. Also, be sure to connect with your local Community Manager who can assist you with any questions, set up an event or just share some best practices to help promote your business to the Yelp community!

In 2016, The National LGBT Chamber of Commerce released thefirst ever snapshot demonstrating the economic and social impact of America’s leading LGBTQ+ business owners and entrepreneurs across the US. In those findings, LGBT businesses contributed over $1.7 trillion to the US economy and created over 33,000 jobs nationwide. We want to continue the empowerment of these businesses across the country by letting their loyal customers and potential customers know they’re proudly LGBTQ+ owned and operated.