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Yelp Back To Cool: Your Guide To 5-Star Collegiate Life

It’s that time of year again. Students are returning to their collegiate stomping grounds for another year of academia and debauchery. Some are just starting to unpack their freshman dorm for their first year out of the house and on their own.

College can be tough – you have tests to take, papers to write, and there’s the all-important social life that needs tending to. Striking a balance in college can be tough, but living your best life doesn’t have to be.

Enter the Yelp app. Let it be your digital RA, your kind-hearted TA, your all-knowing BFF. Whether you’re searching for budget-friendly eats, finding that perfect study spot, and everything in between, Yelp is your trusted collegiate compass for campus.

University of Wisconsin-Madison, photo by Yelper Michelle T

Eat On The Cheap 

Dining on a dime can be a delicious adventure. Fire up your Yelp app and hone in on those budget-friendly eateries. When you open the app, just click “Search” and you’ll find the “Price” search feature at the top of the page. Bon appétit, you fiscally responsible adult.

Open Now

It’s 2am and you need a burger. Or a pharmacy. Or a double chocolate milkshake…all within a mile of where you’re standing. Yelp can help with that too. Our “Open Now” search feature allows you to find businesses that are open right now and lets you know if they’re closing soon. Find what you need, when you need it.

Order Pickup or Delivery 

Pajamas + college = life. We know the struggle. That’s why we offer search features to find the top places that offer pickup or delivery in your area. Plus – here’s a $2 Eat24 coupon through month of August: barbeque. You’re welcome.

Best Study Spots 

Study time? There’s a search for that too. Type in “Quiet Place to Study” and Yelp app will load up a list of local businesses that are prime for hitting the books.

Check-In Offers 

Yelp Check-In Offers go way beyond the free keychain you scored during welcome week. Celebrate your budgetary prowess by searching “Check-In Offers” on your Yelp app to score goodies like free appetizers, 10% off your entire bill, $1 off your sandwich, and more.

Now off you go, love those local business, study hard, and enjoy collegiate life to the fullest. Go U!