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World Food Tour XL – Indian

Manchester is slowly evolving into a food mecca – of global proportions. So here at Yelp Manchester, we thought it was high time to explore all these offerings: one by one.

Last night we kicked off our World Food Tour XL at the popular Zouk Tea Bar & Grill. In what was a full on feast of unparalleled Indian goodness, our lucky guests were treated to healthy portions of fantastic Indian food.


The night started with a refreshing cocktail on the terrace in the form of a Mojito, before it was time to head on inside. So up to the Mezzanine we went, in search of great food and what awaited us probably out did everyones expectations.

The tables were laid with Popadoms and pickle trays to get our taste buds going, and shortly after we were armed with starter platters that went down a treat. A perfect mixture of Indian appetisers combining some luscious meats alongside some vegetarian options equally as tasty.

Starting to fill but far from done, the starters were whisked away and in their place, a choice of 3 sensational curries – cooked to perfection by Zouk’s master chefs and demolished to a similar standard by our Yelpers.

The mass of food prepared for our guests was both eye and button popping but the quality ensured it was well worth it. Zouk certainly know how to full up a foodie.



A massive thank-you must go to the entire team at Zouk for taking such great care of our guests and putting on an almighty Indian feast. The kick off of World Food Tour XL was a successful night for all involved. Take a look at some of the photos on Facebook and the reviews as they come in on Yelp.

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