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Women Owned Businesses Of Albuquerque


Queneesha “Q” Meyers of Q’s Cakes and Sweets Boutique

Out of the millions of local businesses on Yelp, many are owned by hard-working ladies. To celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8th and Women’s History Month this March, we’re calling attention to some of the most amazing local spots in Albuquerque that are run by women. From sandwich shops to burly fitness centers, the Duke City features a wealth of long-running, locally celebrated women owned businesses.

Blended Acai

Sometimes, a great entrepreneurial story is simply the result of recognizing what a city’s lacking, and delivering the goods. Anntonette Franklin, owner of Blended Acai, traces her inspiration to a vacation in San Diego. Relaxing on a beach, she spotted a food truck dishing out smoothies incorporating the trending superfood, and realized she needed to bring these bright flavors to Albuquerque. In 2017, she opened that food truck, and soon realized her hunch was correct. Two years later, in October of 2019, she opened a brick and mortar in the new One Central complex, downtown.

Rebel Workout

Fitness trends can be tricky business, especially with big box franchise competitors everywhere. Rebel Workout, centering around TRX classes as well as indoor cycling and yoga, was a concept launched in 2013 by owner Rosa Ciddio. Today, the gym remains very much as it launched, offering innovative, ever-adapting courses that flip the script on meathead machines and barbells, training people for lifting the heavy weight of the real world. 

A Good Sign

While it’s hard to believe this local gem just celebrated their 10th anniversary, it’s easy to understand how the time flew by. Universally raved and supported by downtown bootstrappers, A Good Sign has also seen its share of good press from Yelp Albuquerque over the years, highlighted on social channels and newsletters for the outstanding community leadership by LGBTQ advocate and owner, Tami Abts. Oh, and some quick trivia for ya, this company is always creating signage for television and cinema productions around town, including an extensive run with Breaking Bad.

Slow Roasted Bocadillos

Bring a tourist inside this small eatery in downtown Albuquerque and chances are good you’ll both spot a local celebrity, Chef Marie Yniguez. Regularly featured on the Food Network, Yniguez likely cooks up the finest sandwiches in the zip code and her secret’s right there in the title: slow roasted. Offering a slew of meaty monsters (and vegetarian options to boot), you’ll consider breaking the feast into two meals. An inspiring story and deeply affecting personality, Yniguez can anticipate years of success to come.

Q’s Cakes and Sweets Boutique

Queneesha “Q” Meyers has been winning over Albuquerque sweet tooth desires for years, and we’ll chalk up the endless great ratings to two basics: butter and hustle. First, everything coming out of this kitchen is pure decadence (don’t ask for calorie counts), goodies cooked with love, expertise and plenty of the highest quality fillers. Second, Q can be found all over the city, offering cupcake classes, live demonstrations, shouldering into huge festivals and driving new customers in the door with a will-do spirit that’s exhausting to witness. Clearly, this business is a passion and a love affair, well worthy of celebrating in March.