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The West End Hotspot Serving Pizza And Beer Like You’ve Never Had Before

Make-your-own pizza is a trend in Nashville right now. So, with so many options from which to choose, how are you supposed to decide which make-your-own pizza place is right for you? Extras. It all comes down to the extras. For instance, at other make-your-owns, can you choose from gluten-free, thin or other crusts? At other make-your-owns, can you choose from 30 toppings? At other make-your-owns, are there an abundance of salad options? At other make-your-owns, can you go to town on chicken wings? At other make-your-owns, can you eat dessert pizza? At other make-your-owns can you pour craft beer by the ounce and try nearly 30 craft beer offerings? You can at PizzaRev-Taproom. The Yelp Nashville Elite Squad got to experience all this goodness in three distinct ways: Lunch, Happy Hour and Dinner. No matter what your scene/speed, PizzaRev-Taproom has the perfect experience for you. In a market crowded with make-your-owns, it all comes down to extras. Choice. And that’s what the Yelp Nashville Elite Squad experienced. Don’t just take our word for it. Check out reviews here and photos here. West End traffic just got a little heavier. Sorry about that. Well, not too sorry.

Event Sponsor: PizzaRev-Taproom