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Way More Than Coffee In Wedgewood-Houston

Nashville’s a coffee town. We get it. But it’s easy for coffee shops to echo each other, no? When’s the last time you discovered something new at a coffee shop? When’s the last time you were able to explore at a coffee shop? When’s the last time you actually talked to someone at a coffee shop? Maybe the problem was you were at a coffee… shop. Americano is a coffee lounge and the differences don’t stop there. From the dark walls to the crushed velvet couches and oversized chairs, to the wall of cool (Ella, Etta, Duke, and Miles to name a few), Americano is serving up an entirely new coffee experience, one crafted to spark community and conversation. And, boy, were the Yelp Nashville Elite Squad talking! From the European-inspired classic cocktails to the charcuterie boards, to the coffee flights (boasting different styles and countries of origin), to the mouth-watering dessert program, to the live jazz (courtesy of the gorgeous piano on stage), there was a lot to discuss. And true to the vision of the owner (Cody), mindfulness and intention go far beyond buzz words here, as guests wrote down – and, discussed – plans for 2019 and ways to make it incredible. Sounds like a fantastic way to start the year, right? It was! If you need proof, check out the reviews here and the photos here. Coffee, conversation and community should be savored. Slow down, take a (comfortable) seat and let the cool complexities of jazz fill your ear as you engage the moment, your neighbor or that really good book. There’s way more than coffee being served at Americano.

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