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Way Back Italian Classics On West End

Maggiano’s Little Italy has been delighting Middle Tennesseans for years. But most Volunteers have only experienced the venue’s dining room. The Yelp Nashville Elite Squad, however, had the chance to take over the private dining area on the lower level for an evening of 1950s-inspired food, drink, music, and fashion. Decked out in fedoras and bright red lipstick (though not both at the same time), Elites walked in to a space replete with dark wood, ornate bars, wall-sized mirrors, wraparound windows, gorgeous chandeliers, and sounds of the era. The visual and auditory soon became secondary to smell and taste as guests were able to try Chef V’s take on classics and a preview of the brunch and featured menu. This meant everything from lobster risotto to candied bacon bruschetta to chicken and waffles. And because one can’t mambo Italiano without a beverage, the wine, martinis (apple) and barrel-aged whiskey flowed all evening long. This decadent blast from the past was a glimpse into the future of dining at this West End favorite. Read the retro reviews here and take a peek at the sights here. When it comes to Italian fare, there are a lot of choices and many regions from which to make a selection. But when it comes to pairing food, drink and style, one needs to look no further than to the building on the hill, just east of 440. If you listen closely, Ol’ Blue Eyes just might be singing your tune.

Event Sponsors: Maggiano’s Little ItalyBenjamin Gibbs Photography