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Visit these Maine beaches

Maine has nearly 3,500 miles of coastline – naturally, that means a lot of beaches. And each summer, from May to August, nearly ten million people visit the state! There are incredible blue spaces from Kittery to Lubec, so where do you visit without the crowds? We know just the place! And, pro tip, it’s best to visit these spots in spring, fall, or weekday mornings!

From south to north:

1. Ogunquit Beach (Ogunquit)

Madow N via Yelp

Forget West Coast views, East Coast is the best coast. In Algonquin translation, Ogunquit means beautiful place by the sea, and it was my favorite day spent in Maine.

Korrie K via Yelp

2. Wells Beach (Wells)

Laura R via Yelp

I can’t believe what a great little beach this is! I will admit that I am not a beach guy. I even enjoyed the peaceful tranquility of an afternoon nap.

Rich M via Yelp

3. Goose Rocks Beach (Kennebunkport)

Kate C via Yelp

I love to come here with a book and a lobster roll and hole up from the world. It’s a magical escape.

Paula C via Yelp

4. Ferry Beach State Park (Saco)

Steff D via Yelp

 I discovered Ferry Beach State Park as an adult and now it is ‘must’ visit each summer.

Rene C via Yelp

5. Fortune’s Rocks Beach (Biddeford)

Jen W via Yelp

I grew up going to this beach and I never take it for granted.  You can take nice long walks at low tide or play in the waves at high tide.

Nancy P via Yelp

6. Pine Point Beach (Scarborough)

Bill M via Yelp

This is the place to go for sunsets.  I cannot even explain how beautiful it is there, pictures don’t even do it justice.

Heather L via Yelp

7. Willard Beach (South Portland)

Chrissy H via Yelp

This place is a gem in the city of South Portland. A lighthouse, a fort, a walking trail, playground, ball park, can it get any better?

Amy V via Yelp

8. Popham Beach State Park (Phippsburg)

Paul B via Yelp

Prepare to spend the day walking the shore line, swimming, hunting for wildlife, and walking out to the islands during low tide.

Eric A via Yelp

9. Reid State Park (Georgetown)

Steff D via Yelp

It always feel strange to rate natural places like this.  I mean, how do you rate the rocky coast?  The beach?  But… what a gorgeous spot.

Debbie H via Yelp

10. Sand Beach (Acadia National Park)

Dan R via Yelp

Sand Beach affords some breathtaking scenic views of the rocky shores and granite mountains surrounding the water. The sand is made up mostly of broken shells of mussels, sea urchins, barnacles and periwinkles which have been crushed by thousands of years of waves and changing tides.

Terry T via Yelp