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Virtual Yelp Event: Epic Tasting w/ Pakkā Hard Seltzer

On April 21, 50 members of the Yelp Elite Squad attended a virtual sampling with Pakkā Hard Seltzer. The overcast weather didn’t rain on our virtual party, as we were immediately transported to a tropical island paradise due to Pakkā’s refreshing line of seltzers.

Regional Sales Manager, Nate Levi, and Marketing Specialist, Gus Erickson, offered their unparalleled expertise when it comes to all-things-brewing. They spoke about Epic Brewing’s unique history and the origins of Pakkā Hard Seltzer, while entertaining attendees by walking them through the extremely delicious offerings.

Yelp Elites were lucky enough to receive their sampling packages free of charge, courtesy of Pakkā Hard Seltzer. They truly went above and beyond to get their products in front of the Greater Denver community. Below you can find the list of seltzers, hard teas and hard waters included:

  1. Mixed Berry Hard Seltzer (12 oz.)
  2. Grapefruit Tangerine Hard Seltzer (12 oz.)
  3. Hard Green Tea (22 oz.)
  4. Hard Black Tea (22 oz.)
  5. Coconut Hard Water (12 oz.)
  6. Cranberry Ginger Hard Water (12 oz.)

All in all, it was an evening none of us will soon forget. Read all reviews of the event to relive the virtual experience. Yelp Denver would like to personally thank Pakkā Hard Seltzer, Epic Brewing, Nate and Gus for ensuring the Greater Denver community with a memorable 5-star experience.