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Virtual Event: Mosaic art with Austin’s The Mosaic Workshop

“Each day is a piece of the mosaic of your life.” – Jim Rohan

We encouraged Yelpers to use their time at home to tap into their creative energy by teaming up with the rad folks behind The Mosaic Workshop in Austin for a virtual class introducing them to the wonderful world of mosaic art! Attendees purchased a kit that included a 5x5in mdf board, weldbond glue, colorful 8mm glass tiles, sample projects, and instruction sheets. With step-by-step instruction via Zoom by J Muzacz, Co-Founder & Lead Artist, beautiful creations were hand crafted to brighten up their WFH space, kitchen, or bathroom (or give to someone special as a gift).

J started off the session with a brief introduction to the history of mosaic art, touching on the most celebrated mosaic artists and their works. He then explained how mosaics are the perfect example of reduce, reuse and recycle art. The glass pieces in the kits come from broken pieces at local tile shops, shattered mirrors from home remodels, and floor samples from big box home improvement stores.

We then had a cathartic moment sorting all the tiles by color scheme (seriously, so therapeutic!) before diving into the creative bit of the process. The best way to attack your piece is to lay the tiles row by row from bottom to top vs starting with the main focal point. If you’re worried about messing up, don’t glue them to the board until all the tiles are laid down first!

Some Yelpers used the sample projects included in the kit, some folks looked to photos for inspiration, and one even used her dog as her muse! In addition to creating a spectacular piece of art, the exercise also provided a nice respite from drowning out hours in front of the TV.

Check out the creations and reviews here.

Thanks to our event sponsor:

The Mosaic Workshop: The Mosaic Workshop is a creative community Art space at Something Cool Studios in the heart of East Austin. They facilitate workshops with all the tools and materials necessary to learn the basics of mosaic making through hands on workshops and public art projects from expert instructors in the field. Make your own artwork to take home or help out on a community mural!