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Virtual Cooking Classes Across North America

A silver lining during this time has been learning new skills that we may not have made a priority otherwise. Whether you’re looking for a cooking 101 crash course, need a safe activity for your kiddos, or just want to advance your skills, you’re in the right place. We’ve compiled a list of cooking schools and chefs from across North America who have made their classes available online, from the comfort of your very own kitchen, for all skill levels.

This is your chance to explore new types of cuisine, popular flavors and cooking styles from other communities, and most importantly, to take your cooking game to the next level! Follow this Collection on Yelp to have these fabulous culinary experiences right at your fingertips.

The Party Line – Nashville, TN – Explore online classes

Chef Alyssa’s Kitchen – Charlotte, NC – Explore online classes

BiteUnite – San Francisco, CA – Explore online classes

Bake Austin – Austin, TX – Explore online classes

Sprouts Cooking School – Carmel, IN – Explore online classes

Annie’s Signature Sweets – Cleveland, OH – Explore online classes

BLVD Kitchen – Los Angeles, CA – Explore online classes

Taz Cooks Cooking Classes – Tempe, AZ – Explore online classes

All photos were contributed by Yelp users and can be found on Yelp.