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Vegan Voyages: The Holiday Gift Edition

In these days of 2-click cyber buys, it’s tempting to grab that spiralizer or air fryer for your vegan bestie, isn’t it? But what about something that’s a bit more high-touch and personal for your plant-based pals? These nine locally-owned shops make browsing a less virtual and more actual pleasure! Because how else are you gonna know to search for all the things unique and coveted, like a crowned alligator ornament, skin-saving (& dreamy-scented) salve, or pumpkin pecan waffle soy candle? And if you don’t live anywhere close to these purveyors, many of them also ship their cruelty-free goodness. Santa, we implore you to come with us on a Vegan Voyage– and give Rudolph & friends the night off, please!

Cocoally Vegan Boutique, New Orleans, LA

Victoria B.

New Orleanians know the deal: “Shop local and shop vegan!” Don’t mind if we do! “Art prints, giclées and beautiful originals. There is something for everyone here.” –Victoria B. Animal lovers will also want to grab a King Cake Kittens or Feathered Flamingo ornament (amongst many locally-inspired festive designs). And yes, they do online orders if you don’t happen to be visiting the Crescent City during the holidays!

The Fanciful Fox, Brooklyn, NY

Rosanna G.

At this time of year, we all could benefit from grooming products soothe the mind and body. This den of delights offers “a ton of affordable products ranging from skincare for the face, body products, lotions, beard oil, shaving product, bar and liquid soaps, lip balms…” Indeed, gift seekers will breath a Sigh of Relief that every single one of their products are “all- natural, cruelty-free, and vegan without being some sketchy stuff your friend’s cousin made in her kitchen at 3am.”  Bonus: “They offer complimentary gift wrap with your purchase too.” –Christine S

Pure Integrity Soy Candles, Williamsville, NY


Nothing brightens and warms up a gloomy winter evening like a scented candle. But those from Pure Integrity are beeswax-free (and toxin-free). Seasonal favorites like Autumn Splendor and Pumpkin Pecan Waffles will get anyone in the spirit! “They have an amazing collection of fragrances ranging from mild to ‘wow’ strength and you can sort candles according to their strength.” – Jyothsna S.

Karlo Estate Winery, Wellington, ON, Canada

Chris C.

Karlo Estates is the very first certified vegan winery in the world, “meaning that no animal products are used in the maturation process, so it’s 100% safe for anyone to enjoy…” – Kris U. Now your vegan wino boo can drink their happy grape juice with even more ease! If you’re lucky enough to live close to the winery, a tour and tasting would make a cherished experiential gift. If not, they also sell their wines online.

Riverdel, Brooklyn, NY

T. G.

How about a cashew cheese wheel to go with that wine? “Riverdel is the first legitimate vegan cheese shop I have stumbled upon that provides customers with a selection that doesn’t feel like a factory-processed replacement to the cheese a lot of us grew up eating and loving. This cheese is something in and of itself – it is made with time and care, similar to dairy cheese AND it actually tastes amazing (no processed, fake feeling here).” – Sarah S. They are currently accepting orders for their holiday charcuterie platters, Brooklynites!

Herbivore Clothing Company, Portland, OR

Matthieu C.

Behold the meat-free Mecca! “Herbivore is so much more than a clothing company. They are a hub and a 1-stop-shop for vegan apparel and information. Cookbooks and vegan literature line the left wall, kickass vegan shoes line the right wall. There’s cosmetics, buttons, pins, t-shirts, hoodies, even those little bamboo sporks you can take everywhere and refuse plastic cutlery.” – Amber B. And yes, you can order all this cruelty-free goodness online, too.

Animal Place’s Vegan Republic, Berkeley, CA

Andrea M.

There’s a lot to love about Animal Place’s Vegan Republic. “They have a vegan Butterfinger that blew my wig off! I had to buy a whole box of them! They also have super-cute pins, magnets, books and clothing! But the best part of shopping there is, 100% of the proceeds go to the animal sanctuary.” – Luz T. The gift that legit keeps on giving! They also have a monthly-subscription snack box that is chock full of seasonal, delicious items, sent to your friend’s (or your own!) door.

Missionary Chocolates, Portland, OR

Linda T.

Some may agree that the way to a vegan’s soul is through dairy-free truffles. “Unlike other chocolates where the flavor is in the background, the flavor of Missionary Chocolates is intense! They’re large too, and 1/2 a truffle is definitely a sufficient serving. I enjoy their somewhat- unusual flavors, like the peach habanero, the ginger tamarind, wine and whiskey flavors, and the tea flavors (chai and Earl Grey are my favorites of all). I’ve bought boxes of 5 as gifts, while sampling basically everything on the menu, and the recipients have always been wowed by the truffles.” – Lee L. Thank the heavens, for they will ship these treasures to you as well.

Vegan Scene, Venice, CA

Vegan Scene

For that veganista/veganisto in your life, there’s the Vegan Scene. “Everything in the store is vegan… The handbags are gorgeous too, well-made and very soft.  The owner is very passionate about her clothing line. Everything she designs, makes and sells is natural, vegan and ethical.” – Lynne C.

That’s a wrap! Or is it? Did your favorite local spot get overlooked? Shoot me a message on Yelp. I’d love to hear from you, as I’m always on the lookout for new places to check out on my next Vegan Voyage!