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Vancouver Elite Event: Meet the CM with Blaze Gourmet Burgers

Photo credit: Maling S

On April 23, Yelp Vancouver Elite Squad members enjoyed an afternoon of burgers and fries at Blaze Gourmet Burgers while meeting their local Community Manager, Eric C. Being the first in-person event of the year for the squad, it was also a fantastic opportunity for squad members to reconnect with their peers and meet the latest additions.

In addition to a choice of complimentary burgers, Elites were welcomed with mocktails, a DJ creating a fantastic mood, and dessert. The choice of burgers included a vegan, gluten-free option along with other options from their menu like the “Smoky BBQ Blaze” and “Cheddar Blaze.”

Check out the event reviews, as check out their Yelp business page to learn more about their burger lineup, as well as their own upcoming events!