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Tucson Elites celebrate Earth Day with zero waste scavenger hunt

Elites from Tucson and communities across north America tuned in to learn about zero waste living with Tucson based retailer, Cero. Beyond Zero Waste. Co-owner and founder Val Timin took us through a virtual tour of the boutique before leading us through the scavenger hunt!

Cero started as a pop up shop in May 2019 at the 5 Points Farmers Market, and opened a brick and mortar shop at Tucson and Broadway Blvd along The Sunshine Mile in 2019. Their focus is on low waste lifestyle supplies, ethically made products. They curate products that are vegan, cruelty-free, and low on plastic and packaging in addition to supporting BIPOC & LGBTQ+ makers as well as local and regional vendors. ⁠Since opening the retail space, they also started to run a unique reuse, redistribution, and recycling program. They collect things like cardboard boxes, jars, prescription bottles and ensure they are reused locally or recycled through local or the Terracycle programs they are a part of.⁠⠀And it doesn’t end there! Cero also features a section in the shop that is entirely free and donation based! Think of it as a clothing swap. Last but not least, their growing programs include community cleanups, talks, workshops, events, and zero waste business services to help educate and connect the community with resources to be a strong environmental advocate. Needless to say, CERO has inspired us in more ways than one!

This event was inspirational and informative! I have already made some small changes in my home to have less waste and also save money. But, this event made me really think about where else I can make changes. The scavenger hunt played a big role in it!” – Heather B., Yelp Elite

The scavenger was a series of finding items in our home and learning about how we can contribute to less waste. “Their definition of Zero Waste as a Lifestyle – Reduce the waste produced in your daily life, consider the environmental impact of all your choices and habits, and advocate for sustainability in your community.” – Vivian C., Yelp Elite.

Needless to say, CERO has inspired us in more ways than one! Yelp Elites were also given a 20% off discount code they can enjoy through the end of 2021! A huge thanks to CERO: Beyond Zero Waste for an insightful and fun evening. Be sure to check out the event review page for photos and to read about what other Elite’s shared about the experience. 

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