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Travel like a Local – Coming Soon!

Have you ever wanted to live a city like a local? Even if you’re only travelling
there for a few days?

Yelpers are passionate locals (like you and me) striving to share and discover the best their cities have to offer. Over the next few summer months we will be sharing a list of their 5 hidden and unusual gems for you to explore in many of the cities across Europe.You can expect food, of course, but also anything and everything you would need to make your journey unforgettable and unique.

Pack your bags and make sure you Travel Like a Local with your free Yelp app!

What’s in store?

Copy of Travel like a local Copenhagen

Find out where to eat the best international street food, lay on a hidden beach or visit a beautiful cemetery in Copenhagen.

Discover Toulouse’s Dungeons where you can find info about the city and then go have a piece of cake in one of the best pasticeries…
 Copy of Travel like a local Toulouse 2
 Just a click away from Rome’s best home made pasta take away, and a tour of Gino Coppedè’s architectural creations!
Copy of Travel like a local Rome
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