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Top Labor Day Weekend Staycations According to Yelp

It’s that time of year again: where we say goodbye to warm summer days, and start to welcome cooler fall temperatures and colorful leaves. As one of the last long weekends before the upcoming holiday season, Labor Day Weekend is an opportunity to squeeze in one last summer vacation. But if it crept up on you this year, don’t fret! Yelp’s data scientists dug up the top 10 staycation destinations in the U.S.

To pull this list together, we looked at cities across the U.S. with the highest percentage of users who were active in their city on the weekends before and after Labor Day 2017, who were also active on Labor Day weekend. For geographic diversity, we limited the list to 3 cities per region.



If you don’t spot your own city on our list, there’s always so much to see and do right in your own backyard! This Labor Day Weekend, as you’re getting ready to reset and relax, be sure to support your local businesses by checking Yelp to find the best restaurants and activities. We tapped our Community Management team’s expertise to give you some inspiration:

1. Boise, ID

2. Honolulu, HI

3. Houston, TX

4. Las Vegas, NV

5. Miami, FL

6. New York, NY

In Manhattan…

In Brooklyn…

In Queens…

7. Tampa, FL

8. Portland, OR

9. Chicago, IL

10. Minneapolis, MN