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Top Chocolates In Canada – Just In Time For St Valentine’s!

Soma Chocolatemaker photo by David T.

Chocolates for Valentine’s Day? We choo-choo-choose you. Nothing says love quite like gourmet goodies made of milk, dark, and white chocolate delivered in a heart-shaped box to the one you love. According to Yelpers, Canada’s got the good stuff: from toffee in Tofino, to sweeties in Saskatoon, to award-winning truffles in Toronto. Time to find the best chocolates near you and embrace the cliché.

Methodology: This is a list of the top 50 Chocolatiers in Canada according to Yelp data. All the businesses on this list are in the Chocolatiers & Shops category on Yelp. “Best” is measured using an algorithm that looks at the number of reviews and star rating for a business, among other things.

1. Soma Chocolatemaker Toronto, ON

2. Sinfully The Best Richmond, BC

3. Beta5 Chocolates Vancouver, BC

4. Chocolats Favoris Lévis, QC

5. Chocolate Tofino Tofino, BC

6. Tickleberry’s Gourmet Specialties Okanagan Falls, BC

7. Thomas Haas Fine Chocolates & Patisserie  North Vancouver, BC

8. Les Chocolats de Chloé Montréal, QC

9. Fous Desserts Montréal, QC

10. COCO Crafted Organic Chocolate Toronto, ON

Les Chocolats de Cholé photo by Felix-Antoine B

11. Chocolats Favoris Montréal, QC

12. Cocoa Locale Montréal, QC

13. Stubbe Chocolates & Pastry Toronto, ON

14. Chocolat Chocolatiere De Victoria Victoria, BC

15. Soma Chocolatemaker Toronto, ON

16. Thomas Haas Chocolate Vancouver, BC

17. Old Firehall Confectionery Unionville, ON

18. Chocobel Montréal, QC

19. Rousseau Chocolatier Halifax, NS

20. Sweet Lollapalooza Edmonton, AB

Sweet Lollapalooza

21. Chocolate Arts Vancouver, BC

22. Douce France Toronto, ON

23. Koko Monk Chocolates Vancouver, BC

24. ChocoSol Traders Toronto, ON

25. Chocolaterie de l’Île d’Orléans Sainte-Petronille, QC

26. Avoca Choclatier Toronto, ON

27. ChocolaTas Vancouver, BC

28. The Chocolate Lab Calgary, AB

29. C’ChoColat Montréal, QC

30. The Chocolateria Toronto, ON

Douce France

31. Delight Toronto, ON

32. Cocoa West Chocolatier Bowen Island, BC

33. A Thing for Chocolate Ottawa, ON

34. Coconama Chocolate North Vancouver, BC

35. Lisalou’s Chocolate Bar Vancouver, BC

36. Gem Chocolates Vancouver, BC

37. Juliette & Chocolat Montréal, QC

38. Rogers’ Chocolates Heritage Store Victoria, BC

39. Beanpod Chocolate Fernie, BC

40. Chocolate by Wickerhead Toronto, ON

Gem Chocolates

41. Érico Québec, QC

42. Divine Chocolatier Montréal, QC

43. Hot Chocolates Courtenay, BC

44. JACEK Chocolate Couture Edmonton, AB

45. Epiphanie Chocolate Calgary, AB

46. Chocolate Tales Vaughan, ON

47. XOXOLAT Vancouver, BC

48. Stubbe Chocolates Ottawa, ON

49. Meli Baklava & Chocolate Toronto, ON

50. Mink Chocolates Surrey, BC

Stubbe Chocolates photo by Stephanie W.