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Top 50 Places To Eat in Kansas City

We’re excited to announce our annual Yelp’s Top 50 Places to Eat in Kansas City for 2019!

Sure, winter has worn out its welcome, but we know that spring is around the corner and you’re eager to get out and eat your way through some of the best local spots that KC has to offer.

Each year, we examine all of the data from the past year to find out the top spots throughout the entire metro. This comprehensive list will serve as your 2019 guide ranging from classic institutions, hidden gems, plus loads of wonderful ethnic restaurants with cuisine from around the world.

Scroll on if you’ve been in a restaurant-rut, and we hope Yelp can help you break out and explore the ever-growing local food scene. Feel like your favorite spot is missing? Write them a review on Yelp to help them earn a spot on the list next year!

Bonus! We’ve made it easy for you to keep these spots handy with our specialized Bookmark Collection where you can access this anytime with a few taps into the Yelp app. To do so, open this link on mobile (make sure to have the Yelp app downloaded!) and hit ‘follow’ once you’ve opened it in the app. Follow us on Instagram, @YelpKC, as we showcase local businesses you need to know about throughout the year.

Methodology: This is a list of the best restaurants in the greater Kansas City area according to Yelp. We identified businesses in the restaurants category, then ranked those spots using a number of factors including the total volume and ratings of reviews.

Yelp’s Top 50 Places to Eat in Kansas City

Yelp KC’s Top 50 Places to Eat for 2019

1.) Scott’s Kitchen

Yelp's Top Restaurant for 2019
Photo by Scott’s Kitchen on Yelp

2.) Bay Boy Specialty Sandwiches

Bay Boy Sandwiches
Photo by Jenny V. on Yelp

3.) Desta’s Ethiopian Cuisine

Ethiopian Cuisine at Desta's
Photo by Holly B. on Yelp

4.) Game Day Chicken Wings

Fried chicken wings
Photo by Jonathan D. on Yelp

5.) Joe’s Kansas City BBQ

Joe's BBQ ribs and fries
Photo by Lauren F. on Yelp

6.) Bob Wasabi Kitchen

Best sushi in Kansas City
Photo by Tesha K. on Yelp

7.) M & M Bakery and Deli

Cinnamon Rolls at M&M Bakery KC
Photo By Ralphie S. on Yelp

8.) Ruby Jean’s Kitchen & Juicery

Acai Bowl at Ruby Jeans
Photo by Lauren K. on Yelp

9.) Brookside Poultry Company

Fried chicken in Kansas City
Photo by Adam S. on Yelp

10.) Seva Cuisine of India

Indian cuisine
Photo by Imran K. on Yelp

11.) Krokstrom Klubb & Market

Scandanavian comfort food
Photo by Katee M. on Yelp

12.) Boulevard Brewing Tours & Rec Center

Brew tour beer pairings
Photo by Rohnda P. on Yelp

13.) Sierra Grill

Photo by Michelle V. on Yelp

14.) Q39 Midtown

Q39 BBQ in Kansas City
Photo by Ahmad A. on Yelp

15.) Wiener Kitchen

Best sausages in KC
Photo by Molly M. on Yelp

16.) Novel Restaurant

Novel Restaurant
Photo by Chi H. on Yelp

17.) Wings Cafe

Wings Cafe KCMO
Photo by Eddie H. on Yelp

18.) Brady’s Public House

Brady's Public House
Photo by Elaine D. on Yelp

19.) Slap’s BBQ

Photo by Andy N. on Yelp

20.) El Pollo Rey

Best chicken in Kansas City
Photo by Ryan C.

21.) Shang’s Tea House

Dim sum in KC
Photo by Zehua S. on Yelp

22.) Bun Mee Phan

Photo by Prabu R. on Yelp

23.) Sushi UNI

great sushi in KC
Photo by Sunny K. on Yelp

24.) Johnny Jo’s Pizzeria

Top pizza spot in KC
Photo by Linda C. on Yelp

25.) Bonito Michoacan

Top tacos in Kansas City
Photo by Scott T. on Yelp

26.) The Russell

Photo by Jenny V. on Yelp

27.) Olive Cafe

Photo by Harmanjeet K. on Yelp

28.) Taste of Africa

Photo by Sharlisimo M. on Yelp

29.) Queen Sweets & Bakery

Photo by Joana K. on Yelp

30.) Messenger Coffee

Photo by Adam S. on Yelp

31.) Oishi Japanese Cuisine and Bar

Photo by Pattareeya O. on Yelp

32.) Tay’s Burger Shack

Photo by Ron B. on Yelp

33.) Pad-Thai Restaurant

Thai in Overland Park, KS
Photo by Sunny K. on Yelp

34.) Mud Bugs

Photo by Mud Bugs on Yelp

35.) Ragazza Food & Wine

Photo by Alison M. on Yelp

36.) The Bite

Photo by Adam S. on Yelp

37.) Happy Gillis Café & Hangout

Top brunch spot in KC
Photo by Glo K. on Yelp

38.) Pigwich

Photo by Michael G. on Yelp

39.) Vietnam Cafe

Photo by Sunny K. on Yelp

40.) Hong Kong Star Restaurant

Photo by Dustin M.

41.) Howard’s

Photo by Adam S. on Yelp

42.) Pizza West

Photo by Kai C. on Yelp

43.) Bluestem

Photo by Bluestem on Yelp

44.) Grünauer

Photo by Pattareeya O. on Yelp

45.) Beignet

Photo by Beignet on Yelp

46.) Papa Keno’s Pizzeria & Bar

pizza near downtown KC
Photo by Emma J. on Yelp

47.) Elsa’s Ethiopian Restaurant

Photo by Duandala V. on Yelp

48.) Awaze

Photo by Carolyn B. on Yelp

49.) Oscar’s Authentic Mexican Grill

Photo by Oscar’s Authentic Mexican Grill on Yelp

50.) Mesob Restaurant

Photo by Mesob Restaurant on Yelp

View all of these spots as a Bookmark Collection here to keep track of them throughout 2019.